Sorry I ignored you, your lovely gift, and That Email

Anonymous in Annapolis (not her real name) writes:

How about a relative who sends you an apology for not acknowledging you at the holidays because they were too busy and saving for their retirement and, besides, the e-mail you sent them giving them a heads up for a package you sent them was on its way, and that very same e-mail you sent was in the junk file of their computer because they had a new server and we will catch up next year, okay?

Flabbergasted in Fairfield
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On January 21st, Benedict Cumberbatch appeared on PBS’s Tavis Smiley show. While talking about diversity, he said, “I think as far as colored actors go it gets really difficult in the UK, and a lot of my friends have had more opportunities here (in the US) than in the UK and that’s something that needs to change.”



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Sorry about the apology silence…

…we deeply regret not updating the site in over a week. I am working feverishly on a book deadline and Susan is working feverishly with International Bird Rescue to try to save dying, mysterious-goo-covered birds that keep washing ashore in the Bay Area. (You can see her cleaning a surf scoter in the second link.) Continue reading

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Room at the inn, but not for you

Back in December, an interesting couple in Wilmington, Delaware wanted to do something nice for a small group of homeless people.

It was very cold, so why not get them a room for Christmas night? Deb Bennett, co-founder of the Road to Redemption Ministries, thought of some inexpensive motels south of Wilmington. Co-founder Matthew Scott Senge thought bigger.

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A belated apology of mystery

According to the delightful Passive-Aggressive Notes, Lorna in Adelaide found this eyebrow-raising classified in a local newspaper:


(My favorite theory from a Passive-Aggressive Notes commenter: It’s not an apology. It’s code. “If you are looking for cheap pot, Maura will be in the bathroom fixture section of the Home Depot at 4:00PM.”)

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Sherbert Deluder, man of action

Kirby Delauter (photo by Bill Green)

Kirby Delauter (photo by Bill Green)

No doubt you saw the rage attack by Frederick County (MD) City Councilman Kirby Delauter on Saturday, after a local newspaper writer mentioned him (and the fact that he did not respond to a request for comment) in a story. A story about parking: “Use my name again unauthorized and you’ll be paying for an Attorney,” he wrote to her on Facebook. “Your rights stop where mine start.” Continue reading

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My personal space is filled with rage

Dear SorryWatch:

Boarding a plane recently, an already seated passenger complained that my bag hit his face. I said I was really sorry. Later, exiting, I apologized again: I’m very sorry. I just got so distracted. He said “yeah.” Was this apology sufficient? Is there something else I should have said or done?

Signed, Contrite in First Class

(I got upgraded at the last minute and there was a rush to move and find bag space.)

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Lies, damned lies, and video editing

On July 18, 2013, Tyrone West was pulled over for a routine traffic stop in Baltimore. An unarmed black man, he somehow ended up dead. Some witnesses say they saw police (Baltimore city police and Morgan State University campus police) beating him. They say he did not resist arrest. They say he was sprayed with Mace or pepper spray, and that he screamed for help. A long-delayed autopsy says he died of “positional asphyxiation.”

Photo: Screen grab.

“Don’t shoot”? Wow, I could’ve sworn you said “Let’s loot”! Actually, that’s what we told everyone.

Tyrone West’s grieving family does not believe driving while black is a death-penalty offense. Every week, there’s now a “West Wednesday” demonstration in the Baltimore area, to protest such deaths. His sister, Tawanda Jones, a teacher, has taken part in these and other peaceful protests. “One piece of me died when my brother was brutally murdered,” she says.

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Apologizing is for leftist hipster losers

One of the perils of being a Jew in America is being constantly, painfully attuned to our place in the international consciousness. Any news or pop cultural event is run through the filter of “Is it good for the Jews?” And being a Jew in America means fretting about Israel. Some of us are rabidly hawkish; some of us are naively left-ish, some of us are somewhere in the middle, and some of us put our fingers in our ears and sing LALALALALALA whenever Israel is in the news, but anyone with a brain cell knows that the way Israel behaves and the way Israel is portrayed (not the same thing) affect how we Jews are perceived in the world.

SO: I am acutely aware that the only post we’ve done about Israel was negative. Furthermore, many of the readers of my column in a certain Jewish publication think I am a liberal clueless spineless dickweed who hates Israel. So in an atypically sardonicism-free way, I want to say that I do not hate Israel; I believe in Israel’s right to exist; I do not think enough attention is paid to other people’s stated intentions to push Israel into the sea or blow it off the map; I wish more people were attuned to the huge diversity of political opinion within Israel and the amount of innovation and creativity that thrives in Israel; and now I am going to write another post that is negative about Israel. #sorrynotsorry. Continue reading

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Do not make me turn this plane around

Photo: Adrian Pingstone/Arpingstone. Public domain.

What a nutty plane!

In the first class section of your flight, you may expect the tender luxury to begin with a serving of nuts. But some people are allergic to nuts (or dislike them), so the flight attendant should ask if you would like nuts. These nuts should be served to you in a lordly dish, possibly heated up.

If this is not your experience, you should fly into a rage, demand the dismissal of the flight attendant, and insist that the plane be turned around so the incompetent individual can be ejected.

We know this is so, because this is how a vice president of Korean Air Lines reacted when she was subjected to this mistreatment.

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