As a fellow Jewess, I follow her hair closely.

As a fellow Jewess, I follow DWS’s hair closely. This is great. Unlike the news of her emails.

Has Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz apologized for the emails (released by Wikileaks) that have embarrassed the Clinton campaign and the DNC? I don’t think so, and alas, I have no humungous team of interns to make sure. (Though if I did, it would be more diverse than Paul Ryan’s giant team of interns.)

All we’ve gotten so far, I believe, is this apology from DNC Chief Financial Officer Brad Marshall: Continue reading

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Sorry you got hysterical over nothing

Photo: Marc Nozell. https://www.flickr.com/photos/marcn/24891478156/ Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

Melania Knauss Trump on an occasion when she was not called on to make a speech.

In a speech at the Republican National Convention, Melania Trump uttered some nice thoughts, including quite a few that had previously been uttered by Michelle Obama in a 2008 speech.

The plagiarism was pointed out. There was commentary.

People tweeted derisively. My favorite #FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes (started by Jesse Williams) is not “Ain’t I a woman?” or even “May the odds be ever in your favor,” but “in hindsight it did seem odd when Melania talked about the challenges of being a black woman at Princeton.”

Continue reading

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Stop calling non-apologies apologies, media friends!

Hello, Los Angeles Times! Ruth Bader Ginsburg did not apologize to Donald Trump, despite your headline saying she did.

Here is Ponette the Cat dressed as Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Here is Ponette the Cat dressed as Ruth Bader Ginsburg.


Nope. And here’s your problematic lead (or lede, if we wish to sound all JOURNALISTICAL): Continue reading

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Photo: Policy Exchange. https://www.flickr.com/photos/66261959@N08/10135571406 Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

I find that children are so TANGIBLE. (Leadsom, 2013.)

A foolish candidate for Prime Minister, Andrea Leadsom thought it would help her campaign to talk to the Times (of London).

No well-rehearsed platitudes for Leadsom! When interviewer Rachel Sylvester asked what the differences were between herself and leading candidate Theresa May (oh, those trick questions), Leadsom said “economic competence and family.”

Family? Which candidate is the Mafiosa and is that good or bad for Britain?

No, that’s not what she meant by family, she meant “being a mum.”


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I’d be FLATTERED if they wanted to drown ME

Photo: SuperJew. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

Darcy Moore at footy practice, demonstrating extreme pursed-lips face worthy of Gary Larson.

The Big Freeze fundraiser is an annual event in Australia. Celebrities, particularly people from footy – Australian rules football – plummet down a slide into ice water. This raises money to fight motor neurone disease (MND), better known in the USA as ALS.

On June 13th, some footy guys were jabbering on Triple M radio about footy and the Big Freeze. The jocularity soon turned to drowning a woman. One of the pundits was Eddie McGuire, shortly to do his own icy plunge. McGuire’s a TV personality and current president of the Collingwood Football Club (aka Magpies or Pies).

Also joshing around were James Brayshaw (president of the North Melbourne Football Club, Danny Frawley (footy commentator and retired player), and journalist Damian Barrett.

McGuire suggested someone who should be pressured do it next year. “I reckon we should start the campaign for a one-person slide next year. Caroline Wilson. And I’ll put in ten grand straight away – make it twenty. And if she stays under, fifty.”

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Difficult friends

Photo: Rufus Porter Moody. Public domain.

Mary Pickford. Betrayed.

Mary Pickford came down the stairs of Pickfair, the grand house she and Douglas Fairbanks had built together. Several of her guests were already at the dinner table.

Pickford focused on an old friend, screenwriter Frances Marion. She ordered Marion out.

“Why, Mary? What did I do?”

Pause. Point.

“You wrote Ann of Green Gables for Mary Miles Minter.”

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What’s “Burn in hell” in the language of flowers?

Photo: Jim Champion. http://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/495045 Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

Asphodel also means “Our love shall endure after death.” A grim bouquet.

Recently SorryWatch was doing the New York Times crossword puzzle. (5/26/16.) Spotting the clue “A white one is said to symbolize ‘I’m sorry’,” we thought we had it nailed. Yellow roses mean ‘I’m sorry’! Well, no. We had to figure it out from the crossing clues – it was “tulip.”

Tulip? Huh? We’ve looked into the language of flowers. We even had a file listing flowers that mean sorry, apology, atonement, contrition, or even “my regrets follow you to the grave.” (Asphodel, since you ask.) A white tulip was not on the list. WHAT THE HELL?

Continue reading

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Politician’s Heartfelt Apology: Not An Oxymoron!

Sir, you have excellent posture.

A letter to Utah’s Lieutenant Governor, Spencer Cox, from his constituent Bari Nan Cohen.

Dear Lieutenant Governor Cox:

You know that rockstar apology you gave to the gay community in Utah after the mass shooting in Orlando? The reason your speech went from local news headline to viral Facebook post so quickly was because it was epic. As a 15-year resident of Utah—I moved here for the skiing and found an amazing community in which to raise a family—I am all in for your apology. Sure, I’m a sucker for beautiful oratory—it was heartfelt, and gorgeous, and I’ve dissolved into tears each time I’ve read the transcript or watched the video. But this thing has legs not only because it took by surprise those who had dismissed us as a Red-State backwater with no truck for diversity (um, yeah, they’re wrong), but because it did many hard things well—including acknowledging our state’s many shortcomings in the human rights arena. And, most importantly, because you did it with love. More on that in a minute. Continue reading

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Daddy Turner Overdrive

Go Cardinals!

Go Cardinals!

You all know Brock Turner? Convicted three-count felon? Stanford swimmer? Recipient of an astonishing, articulate and heart-rending victim impact letter, read aloud in court by the woman he sexually assaulted? Dude who could have gotten 14 years in prison but was sentenced to six months, of which he’ll probably serve three? His dad has issued some words that generally go along with apologies but in this case are not apologies.  Continue reading

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At least it’s a good apology?

Bend It Like Rubbish

Bend It Like Rubbish

In an interview in The Independent, some director I’ve never heard of (John Carney) made snarky comments about an actress I have heard of (Keira Knightley). (The last thing I saw the actress in was Bend It Like Beckham, an indication that I don’t get out much.) The interviewer wasn’t trying to stir things up; the director just kept volunteering how much he hated Keira Knightley. Continue reading

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