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I apologize for channeling Perez Hilton, circa 2007

Upon the launch of the iPhone 5, the Internets began to fill with bloggers “discussing” the “performance” of the Maps “feature.” (An entire Tumblr sprang up, devoted to the wrongness.)  At first Apple tried to vamp like a chorine awaiting … Continue reading

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I am sorry I stabbed you 29 times

“Tearful Saco woman apologizes in court to ‘best friend’ for stabbing him 29 times.” That’s the great headline the Bangor Daily News did for a story from the Journal Tribune (of York County, Maine) . You can’t just mutter “Four … Continue reading

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Bravo, Shep Smith

Here’s Fox anchor Shepard Smith apologizing for his network’s airing of a man’s on-camera suicide moments earlier. Our analysis after the video:

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Dog whistle apology

Golly. Clear Channel threw a concert (9/21/12) to promote their internet radio platform, iHeartRadio, and just as Green Day was starting a song – well, stopping a song in the middle and starting another – a monitor flashed a warning … Continue reading

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And a little child shall lead them…

Spotted in a third grade classroom in CA: 

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Oldies but goodies

Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, is nearly upon us, so I procrastinate instead of making a kugel for the breaking-the-fast potluck tomorrow and/or filing a story before sundown that will bring in actual money. I apologize to my husband … Continue reading

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Apology to a kitty

Billy Browne felt horrid about having to put painful drops into his cat Rufus’s ears. Rufus was not crazy about the situation either. He responded by running away from Billy. After the ear infection cleared up and the course of … Continue reading

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Didn’t we tell you that we apologized to you? Oh. Well, we did.

The Events The First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs, Mississippi, refused to let a black couple marry in their church. The wedding had been scheduled for July 21, 2012. There was a rehearsal. Then pastor Reverend Stan Weatherford, a family … Continue reading

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La Fille-Lumiere

Oh, Paris. You are known as the City of Light, for your illumination of the world with your art and ideas during the Age of Enlightenment. Or maybe that is for your early use of street lamps. What am I, … Continue reading

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Taking a header

The skywritten “sorry” that constitutes our blog header is from the National Day of Healing in Australia.  Go on and read this comprehensive description of the apology-necessitating horrors perpetrated upon Australia’s Aboriginal inhabitants — including systematically ripping children from their … Continue reading

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