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HoboJacket! Like an ill-advised flash of lightning!

MIT student Jin Pan had a clever idea to spread hilarity and do good at the same time. He was enthusiastic about using social media skills to make it take off like a rocket, something he was later – in … Continue reading

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This is just to say

from Forgive Me, I Meant to Do It: False Apology Poems by Gail Carson Levine, illustrated by Matthew Cordell, a whole book of insincere apology poems (based, of course, on the William Carlos Williams classic) for the 9- to 12-year-old set. … Continue reading

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Did Ricks apologize? Shouldn’t he know? Why do we care? Where’s the pony?

On Monday, Tom Ricks, a Pulitzer-winning journalist on military matters, was invited onto Fox News. When asked his views on the possible nomination of Susan Rice as Secretary of State, his succinct predictions included the remark that the Benghazi issue … Continue reading

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It’s not offensive if our intentions were pure!

Good analysis of a corporate weasel apology over at Jezebel: An Australian cosmetics company ran an ad featuring a model in blackface, then pulled it, then trotted out a “sorry-if” and finally reinstated it. SorryWatch agrees with Jenna Sauers’s interpretation, but … Continue reading

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Sorry about the forced adoption

Campbell Newman, the Premier of Queensland, Australia, has just apologized for a quarter-century of stolen babies. From the 1950s to the 1970s, hundreds of thousands of single women in Australia were forced to give up babies for adoption. They were … Continue reading

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For those keeping score, this is the second bear-theft-related apology on this site. (Analysis: Handwritten notes are always good. But the wishful-yet-explicit mention of being forgiven — as well as the prominence of the word “forgive” [or forgev] here in … Continue reading

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Facebook, slam book

At some point on the field trip for learning-disabled adults, one of the escorting staff members took a picture of another staffer acting goofy. The October field trip was to Washington, D.C.; they were at Arlington National Cemetery, by the … Continue reading

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Bad apologies mogul

Rupert Murdoch’s burbling again. He got a lot of flak for tweeting, “Why is Jewish-owned press so consistently anti-Israel in every crisis?” which was presumably directed at the New York Times. (Flak, plus puzzled people saying “Huh?” But see Michael … Continue reading

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Don’t hate, mediate!

My college roommate, Deborah Levi, was brilliant. (She died of breast cancer at 34.)

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Poisoned apologies

A poisoned apology is an apology wrapped around an insult, like a cupcake with mud filling. People don’t want to accept the apology, because they don’t want to accept the insult that goes with it. “I apologize for kicking you, … Continue reading

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