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The deshignated driver is me

Idaho Senator Mike Crapo was arrested for drunk driving on December 23, in Alexandria, Virginia. Especially awkward because he has apparently said he doesn’t drink alcohol (as a Mormon thing). I gather that’s pronounced KRAY po. Okay? The man has … Continue reading

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holiday parties and apologizing for excess

A few years ago my husband Jonathan and I had a party. One of our guests, an acquaintance from the local playground (this is how you meet people when you’re a young parent in NYC), had a little too much … Continue reading

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Hagel, Hormel, and Franklin

In 1998, then-Senator Chuck Hagel criticized President Bill Clinton’s nomination of James Hormel to be U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg. Ambassadors represent America, “our lifestyle, our values, our standards,” Hagel told the Omaha World-Herald. “I think it is an inhibiting factor … Continue reading

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Instagram rephrases

As described in yesterday’s post, the free photo-sharing service Instagram made a lot of people fizzing mad when they published new terms of service. They made a statement that didn’t calm things. Late on 12/20/12 Kevin Systrom announced that Instagram … Continue reading

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Instagram! Apologizing?

Instagram infuriated users when it announced new terms of agreement. I am sure people would have posted pictures of themselves with pitchforks and torches, burning printouts of said agreement, except they didn’t want Instagram to own the photos.

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I hate to disappoint the Monks of New Skete

What if you ordered an Orapup, and were assured that it would arrive by Christmas? And now you find out that it will not? You might be angry. An apology would help, if it was a good one. But would … Continue reading

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Dear SorryWatch: That’s not an apology, that’s my spouse

Sometime things are said in the heat of argument that one regrets later. Sometimes those things even have the word “sorry” in them….

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pro forma tooth fairy apology

Do you get the feeling this child is apologizing only because she WANTS SOMETHING? I get that feeling.

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When there is nothing else to say

  To those who died in Connecticut today – We are so sorry we weren’t able to protect you. We will never forget you.

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best and worst regret-the-errors of 2012

The Poynter Institute, a journalism school in Florida, has published its list of the best and worst media corrections of 2012.

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