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You must let me apologize

The Arcata Eye, the newspaper of Arcata, California, has the best Police Log there is. In the tradition of of the lively newspapers of the Old West, editor Kevin Hoover translates simple facts into highly accessible accounts, imbued with plot … Continue reading

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Josephine Baker sings “After I Say I’m Sorry”

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Five non-apology apologies left on windshields

We are not licensed psychologists or police profilers, but we sense that these note-writers are not in actual fact sorry. (Via Happy Place, where there are even MORE hostile notes not containing the word “sorry.”)

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Venn apologies

Indexed is the best. As apology experts, we endorse this Venn diagram.

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Size matters

BREAKING: The oversized sandwich purveyor Subway has apologized for the fact that its “Footlong Sub” is sometimes only 11 inches long. Here is photographic evidence of the shrunken item:

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Regrets from a biblical pharaoh

My mom pointed out that last week’s Torah portion, Parshat Bo (that’s Exodus 10:1 to 13:16 for you non-regular shul-goers), contains an intriguing apology.

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We apologize to the birds

I volunteer at a wildlife rescue center, one which specializes in aquatic birds. Sometimes volunteers and staff apologize to the birds.

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English or Western?

The big British supermarket chain Tesco has apologized in full-page newspaper ads for a truth-in-labeling fiasco. Ten million hamburger patties were recalled when the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) announced that DNA testing showed that there was horse meat … Continue reading

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A scientific semi-apology

Our Invisible Friend Inside the Computer Taffy Brodesser-Akner pointed us to the blog Retraction Watch, which is fabulous. Written by journalistic machers Adam Marcus and Ivan Oransky, it looks at scientific retractions, primarily in the life sciences. Because when it comes to getting … Continue reading

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The Sorry-Watching of Lance Armstrong

Thanks to transcripts of nights one and two of the Oprance Apology Spectacular provided by the BBC, we now have the tools to analyze fully whether the cyclist has apologized well. Let’s crunch the numbers! Eight uses of the word … Continue reading

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