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Tainted Dov

As Daily Show Purim Correspondent Jessica Williams said, it was a low down, dirty shondeh.

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Talk to the coach

It’s nasty to step outside and find racist graffiti in front of your house. When Louis Orr, basketball coach at Bowling Green State University, went out on a Sunday morning and saw the words “WHITE POWER” and a swastika on … Continue reading

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The Onion removes its head from underground

Last night during the Oscars, the Onion tweeted something putrid. 

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Pity is not an apology. Try again.

The Magdalene asylums, or Magdalene Laundries, were institutions in Ireland and elsewhere, where women were committed and forced to work unpaid, on the theory that it would reform their foul sexy ways. They were often run by nuns. Originally for … Continue reading

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An acceptable sorry-if apology

Liberals and conservatives alike are cranky at Colorado State Representative Joe Salazar, who reportedly said that women are more emotional and can’t be trusted with guns and go around thinking they’re going to be raped and shooting innocent people. Liberals … Continue reading

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Amy Poehler: “Apology is not defeat.”

Comic Amy Poehler has a web site, Smart Girls, aimed at helping young women feel braver, more valued and more authentic. A regular feature is the video advice column Ask Amy. Here, a girl asks, “I’m having a really hard … Continue reading

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Apologetically ever after

Noodging someone to apologize often fails. The noodgee can feel defensive and resentful; the noodger finds she can’t get no satisfaction. But here is a case where public shaming quickly made the offender do the right thing, and everyone lived … Continue reading

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Shut down the site; we have achieved apology perfection

Eight-year-old Jamie makes amends. Let’s see: Naming the apology-worthy act (“I threw a ball in your face”)? Check. Noting the impact of said act (“I feel bad that I hurt you”)? Check. Expression of remorse (“I’m sorry”)? Check. Assurance that … Continue reading

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12 artful apologies

A tangible representation of your sorry-ness is lovely, but doesn’t excuse you from proffering ACTUAL WORDS from your piehole. And actual actions, beyond the Instagram-friendly tagging of a door (edgy!) or the use of old-school clothespins (FUNCT!), is essential. In … Continue reading

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Heresy? Whoops.

Pastor Rob Morris of Christ the King Lutheran Church (Missouri Synod), in Newtown, Connecticut, was invited to participate in an interfaith prayer service for victims of the Sandy Hook massacre. One of those victims had been in his congregation. But … Continue reading

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