Shut down the site; we have achieved apology perfection

Eight-year-old Jamie makes amends.

jamie2Let’s see: Naming the apology-worthy act (“I threw a ball in your face”)? Check. Noting the impact of said act (“I feel bad that I hurt you”)? Check. Expression of remorse (“I’m sorry”)? Check. Assurance that the act will not reoccur, and illustrating how and why it will not reoccur (“[n]ext time I’ll roll the ball”)? Check. Humble tone? Check.  Absence of rambling self-justification? Check.

Is there anything that could make this apology better? Maybe a cupcake? No. The starkness of the note, unaccompanied by anything that might be construed as bribery or distraction, underlines the sincerity of the apology.

Learned well you have, young padawan. Word to your mother.


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3 Responses to Shut down the site; we have achieved apology perfection

  1. Sumac says:

    We can’t shut down the site until everyone is this good!

  2. that is indeed worthy; I hope Abbey [sic–?] does indeed accept the apology.

  3. Frances says:

    Truly heartwarming. Many many “grown ups” can learn from this young master.

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