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A not-so-good Friday for LGBT-related apologies

We have three (3) apologies of note to parse! Let’s get started! 1. “Minnesota for Marriage,” a conservative group, apologized on Friday for equating the idea of a genetic basis for being gay with Nazi eugenics theory. Wait, what? 

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SorryWatch Reads: Only in Tokyo

I had a lovely escapist time reading Fallen Angel, the latest “Only in Tokyo” murder mystery. It pleasingly entwines police procedural and (literally) star-crossed love with cool information about the Tokyo host club scene and other amazing things that happen … Continue reading

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Oh, this pendant I’m wearing? Yeah, no, that’s a good question.

A kid who was convicted of grand theft for taking jewelry is under court order to apologize – even though he says he’s not sorry, because he didn’t do it. It has been ruled that his apology need not be … Continue reading

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Oh Heil, not again

In Athens, Greece, a 20-year-old soccer player for AEK Athens made a winning goal in a league game against Veria. Pleased, he raced to the sidelines, pulling off his shirt as he ran, faced the crowd, and snapped into a … Continue reading

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Jane Goodall’s plagiarism apology

When news broke that primatologist Jane Goodall’s new book, Seeds of Hope: Wisdom and Wonder from the World of Plants, contained plagiarized material, Susan and I both felt sick. We’ve both worked as “co-writers” on well-known people’s books. (Susan’s was a … Continue reading

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An onstage meltdown

We here at SorryWatch HQ are baffled by Michelle Shocked’s outburst and apology. Susan and I don’t often disagree (this time we did) and we don’t often change our minds about whether an apology is good (this time we did).

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The Lower East Side retains its character

Courtesy of the neighborhood blog Bowery Boogie, we learn about this note, left on a car parked at the corner of Rivington and Ridge streets.

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Sorry, I thought you were pregnant

In Chapter 16 of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic Kidnapped, our hero David Balfour asks the skipper of a ferryboat if he knows where to find the fugitive Alan Breck, and tries to give him a shilling. The skipper, Neil Roy, … Continue reading

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A bitter, bitter apology song

Delightful, peppy misery from The Colourfield, a band of my youth. (Thank you, fellow child-of-the-80s Carole Newton McManus for the SorryWatch tip.) A good description of Colourfield’s vibe: “Bouncy, upbeat, orchestral pop with a dark vision at its core…sophisticated new pop: … Continue reading

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Tasty apology cakes

Apology cakes are a thing. Here is a delectable selection from Friend of SorryWatch and Interwebs Curator Joe Hobaica:

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