Tasty apology cakes

Apology cakes are a thing.

Here is a delectable selection from Friend of SorryWatch and Interwebs Curator Joe Hobaica:

550000_10151312590748671_1132683070_n252069_10151215665863671_1077202578_n580528_10151335696528671_198127336_n321005_10151215665593671_186318501_nDon’t you feel better about your baby/overall suckage/burns/vomit-covered feline?

Here are some more apology cakes from the delightful site Cake Wrecks. Hard to pick a fave, but I’ll go with “sorry I peed in your bed.” Legible (unlike the one that says “sorry you fell in my pee”), nice color palette. (I just mistyped “palate”! I fixed it. I don’t like to think of pee and palate in the same sentence, most of the time.) And speaking of substances in places you may not want substances, I’m not sure where Buzzfeed found this one:

enhanced-buzz-32454-1296227671-4I love chocolate!

An apology cake template you can change the words upon (in Comic Sans, no less) is popular on Tumblr, a form of blogging I am too old to understand.  On December 20, 2012, according to the indispensable Know Your Meme, a Tumblr user going by epictoasters posted that after his neighbor’s tree fell into his yard, the neighbor made him a Comic-Sans-adorned pic of a classic old-school bakery cake with the words “sorry my tree fell on your fence” superimposed on it in and put the image on his Facebook wall.

501184epictoasters quickly began using the template himself. By February, digitally-scripted-upon “sorry” cakes (mostly apologizing for blogging-related offenses like poor tagging and fandom-insulting, and nearly always in Comic Sans) were all over Tumblr.

360Like so.

Now, in actual real life, as opposed to the Internet, any act deserving of an apology is deserving of an apology that does not involve frosting. Frosting may be a bonus, but it is not the thing itself. And if you slept with my mom and gave me a “sorry I slept with your mom” cake, or if I found out I had herpes and you got me a “sorry you have herpes” cake, we wouldn’t be friends anymore. As important as it is to Know Your Meme, it’s even more important to Know Your Audience. And know how to apologize. You don’t want to have to apologize for apologizing via pastry.


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  1. Tom says:

    Oh. Like everything wouldn’t be okay after the chocolate/semen one!

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