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Here’s a tissue, Malaysia and Singapore

On June 24th, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, President of Indonesia, apologized to Malaysia and Singapore for thick haze drifting over from forest fires in Sumatra (part of Indonesia). The smoke made pollution levels soar in both places. Schools were closed in … Continue reading

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Nunchucks! Nunchucks in the backpack!

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I beg you to forgive me for whatever the heck I did

This Paula Deen thing is a red-hot mess. It’s a red-hot mess rolled in powdered sugar, deep-fried, and topped with bourbon-scented whipped cream. Or take two and clap a bacon cheeseburger in between. It started with a lawsuit brought by … Continue reading

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The Back-Off-Bub Guide to Jerktastical Sexism

I’m sorry to be late weighing in so late on the Kickstarter seduction guide imbroglio, especially since so many of you asked us to tackle it. I won’t make excuses (I’ve been buuuuuusy, we do this for freeeeeee, my kids had liiiiiiiiice). … Continue reading

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Ex-ex-gay ministry

For nearly 40 years the Christian ministry organization Exodus International has been preaching that homosexuals can, and should, change. Change from being gay. Exodus was an umbrella organization for 100- 200 others that pushed the same claim, including places that … Continue reading

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Sorry, we have new friends now! They outnumber you!

 Mattel, which owns the Scrabble brand, decided their popular mobile Scrabble-playing app could be even more popular. They got Electronic Arts (EA) to administer and make it so. As Mattel later noted, “We produce the board game but we’re not … Continue reading

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the future of apology is safe

Every year, University School of Nashville, a K-12 private school, holds The Leaky Pen Contest, a competition in funny-essay-writing. We now officially love this school. The contest is sponsored by alum Susan Yeagley ’89 (who has a recurring role on Parks and Recreation as Jessica … Continue reading

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Boston Strong right back at ya

After the Boston Marathon bombing, the motto “Boston Strong” caught on across the country as people used it to express support. Later, some Boston sports fans started applying it to hometown teams. When the Boston Bruins played Toronto’s Maple Leafs … Continue reading

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Racist remarks in public, apology in private?

When it came out that Arizona Senator Jeff Flake‘s kid has been using racist, homophobic, and anti-Semitic language online, the Senator apologized. Speaking of 15-year-old Tanner Flake, the Republican Senator told BuzzFeed, “I’m very disappointed in my teenage son’s words, … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck apologized? Really?

A bunch of media sites said radio ranter and Tea Party darling Glenn Beck apologized to us. Did he? The Daily Kos seemed to think it was an apology, but a “questionable” one. Their headline: “Glenn Beck apologizes for offending … Continue reading

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