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JK Rowling and the Half-Wit Princox

Famous and famously famous author JK Rowling, richer than the Queen, having finished the Harry Potter series, moved on. She published a novel in 2012, The Casual Vacancy, which a New York Times reviewer called disappointing and dull. But Rowling … Continue reading

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Apologies in medicine…a post by an ACTUAL DOCTOR!

A guest post by Zackary Berger, MD SorryWatchers must know by now the right way to apologize. I wish I could say the same about my colleagues, members of the medical profession. In their defense, though, and in my own, let … Continue reading

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passive-aggressive apology note

From, fittingly, the delightful web site Passive-Aggressive Notes.

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Henry Ford’s apology to the Jews

Most of us Hebraic types know that carmaker Henry Ford was not our biggest fan. He published dozens of booklets and newspaper articles about The Jewish Menace. But then he apologized! Please read this statement he released in 1927, reprinted at the … Continue reading

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Shattered Glass

A 2003 episode of This American Life had 20 very short stories, and the last story is apology-related and amazing. Told by Ira Glass, it’s from a performance at the Audy Home, the unofficial/historic name for the juvenile detention center … Continue reading

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Physician, heal thyself

From: Marjorie Ingall <> Subject: booklist Date: June 25, 2013 1:28:16 PM EDT To: [Principal of SorryWatch editor’s daughter’s school] Hi, [REDACTED] I don’t want to be one of THOSE PARENTS…but [SorryWatch editor’s daughter] just gave me her summer reading list … Continue reading

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I have become somewhat aware of the Freedom of Speech

Mike Pence, governor of Indiana, is a Republican who has made opposition to same-sex marriage an important part of his platform. On June 26th he posted a statement on his gubernatorial Facebook page expressing disappointment in the Supreme Court’s overturning … Continue reading

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The Apology Championships

Bad apologies came sailing out of this year’s Wimbledon. So many bad apologies, that even leaving out Serena Williams’s apology for her remarks about the Steubenville rape case (because no tennis was involved), we didn’t know how we’d get up … Continue reading

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Simply didn’t think of it. Mind must have been elsewhere. Forget my head if it weren’t nailed on!

In March, the Director of the Office of National Intelligence, James R. Clapper, testified at a hearing of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. He was asked a direct question, and he answered incorrectly. Very incorrectly.

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One thing about those fake names…?

KTVU Channel 2, a San Francisco Bay area news channel, has been extensively covering the crash of an Asiana Airlines plane landing at SFO. And bragging about their coverage. On their noon newcast July 12, co-anchor Tori Campbell read out … Continue reading

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