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write your own short story

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you should hear what san francisco says about YOU

Those of us who do not live in the City by the Bay may not have heard about start-up dude Peter Shih’s screed against the Paris of the West. (He took it down after the outcry, but it lives on … Continue reading

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I’m really sorry, as you can tell by my upcoming television special

Dr. Sanjay Gupta is a neurosurgeon and plays a neurosurgeon on TV. That is, he’s the chief medical correspondent at CNN. He’s a bestselling author (both fiction and nonfiction) won an Emmy, and has been discussed (in 2009) as a … Continue reading

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Battle of the Crumbs

In Lake Stevens, Washington, some people went to a cafe with other people who were small children. Scones were eaten. One child did or did not scream. The owner asked the people to leave, telling the adults they could return … Continue reading

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Under the toilet seat…

Facebook posits that cheating girlfriends everywhere are running to their bathrooms to lift the lid right now.

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Someone stole a lawn ornament from a front yard in Newark, California. It was not hard to describe to Officer Jeff Neithercutt: a simple whirligig depicting a pig on a bicycle with spinning rainbow wheels, transporting a basket of corn. … Continue reading

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she’s my girlfriend who lives in canada

  From, of course, Passive-Aggressive Notes.

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You’re REALLY not special

You may have heard about Wellesley High School English teacher David McCullough, Jr.’s commencement speech last year, the message of which was “You’re not special.” McCullough told the class of 2012 that despite the coddling and cooing and butt-wiping of … Continue reading

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Dude! Who said you could hang out in our cell, wearing our handcuffs?

Last year the DEA busted a 4/20 party near San Diego, confiscated 18,000 hits of MDMA, and questioned 9 people. They arrested 7, and let one go. They told the last person, Daniel Chong, that they would release him too, … Continue reading

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