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Also, the alarm on the coach is constantly going off

Evening, the leafy gardens of Buckingham Place. Two police officers patrolling the grounds spot a male suspect they do not recognize. They act promptly. What happened next? Either they held the suspect at gunpoint and demanded he lie flat on … Continue reading

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I have so much to regret! I’m a remorseful hellion!

Music writer Dave Bry, so blatantly riding off SorryWatch’s international fame (they love us in Italy, they love us in Brazil, they’ve heard of us in France), has written a book called Public Apology: In Which a Man Grapples with … Continue reading

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james franco is very sorry

In 1992, young James Franco — his years of heavy-lidded Oscar-hosting and “amazingly underwhelming” fiction-writing still ahead of him — egged a house in his hometown of Palo Alto. The boy who lived in that house grew into a man … Continue reading

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The Icy Apology

In a small theater in a town I will not name, a local theater company did a performance of a one-man play. (Please note that this apology has nothing to do with my recent visit to Montana.) The show went … Continue reading

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In “judges who are totally asking for it” news…

A Montana judge has apologized for calling a 14-year-old rape victim (who committed suicide during the two years it took her case to wend its way through the justice system) “much older than her chronological age” and “as much in … Continue reading

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