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Happy Halloween, from SorryWatch and Orson Welles

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More on sorry not sorry

From SorryWatch’s close personal friend Naya Rivera. (Maybe you want to turn the sound down if there are kids or bosses in the room.) Now you showing up at his house looking like a hot mess, honey  I think it’s time … Continue reading

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Unpack that snarky hashtag

Trending today on Twitter: #sorrynotsorry. Let’s unpack that and spread its contents all over the floor. And accidentally step on some of it. #sorrynotsorry means: “This is a situation where people often say ‘Sorry,’ but since I’m unrepentant, I’m just … Continue reading

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How dare you apologize?

Two men went into the fancy British department store Selfridge’s to look at jeans. One was Tommy Robinson (aka Stephen Yaxley-Lennon), then leader of the English Defence League. The non-Robinson asked to see some jeans. The clerk asked if he … Continue reading

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Funky chicken

Earlier in October, the USDA figured out where people were getting a nasty kind of salmonella. It’s resistant to many antibiotics. So far, 338 cases have been reported, and 40% of those people had to be hospitalized. It’s called Salmonella … Continue reading

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a very specific apology cake

  But perhaps not specific enough. Did the person break the entire Xbox, or just Skyrim? (That link, incidentally, is what you get when you type “WHAT THE HELL IS SKYRIM” into Google.) Was the cake accompanied by a replacement … Continue reading

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Urban what was that?

Scientific American has many blogs in various scientific fields. One is The Urban Scientist, by Danielle N. Lee, a biologist specializing in the excellent fields of animal behavior, mammalogy, and urban ecology. She has blogged about her fieldwork in Tanzania … Continue reading

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Our sistren at Jezebel recently covered the story of a young fellow at Georgia Tech who wrote a truly offensive email to his frat brothers, titling it “Luring Your Rapebait.” The first three grafs, explaining how to get a girl to … Continue reading

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Fair enough.

Found on my desk.

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A murder mystery. A few apologies.

On December 17th, 2010, Joanna Yeates disappeared. She was a 25-year-old landscape architect in Bristol, UK. Her absence was discovered on the 19th, when her boyfriend returned from a weekend away and noticed that the car hadn’t been moved and … Continue reading

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