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Apologies from the desert with no pants on

SorryWatch went to Burning Man this year. Actually half of SorryWatch went to Burning Man. The Sumac half. Sumac and The Horse Doc (not her actual playa name) were lounging on the couches at Liminal Labs when thoughtful, kindly observers … Continue reading

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hollow apology

I am addicted, hardcore, to the Fox show Sleepy Hollow. It is utterly insane. Ichabod Crane is a former Revolutionary War soldier who wakes up in modern-day Sleepy Hollow and fights demons and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (one … Continue reading

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The idiot insurer and the incorrect mourner: An adventure in several acts

A guest post by Carole Newton McManus. Among the dozens of unpleasant tasks a person has to deal with after the loss of a loved one, perhaps the most odious is dealing with insurance companies. When my husband Jeffrey died … Continue reading

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Little cool thing

At the wheel, nervous passenger in front seat. (Okay, my mother, in town for the day.) One of those times when bad drivers burst out of every alley. (“Oh no, I’m late for my frenzy!”) On the freeway, a taxi … Continue reading

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Firing the traitors

The editor of Guns & Ammo made a horrible terrible epic mistake. He overestimated his readers. To their faces. Worse, he overestimated his advertisers. The December issue of Guns & Ammo, “The World’s Most Widely Read Firearms Magazine,” ran a … Continue reading

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yay, a good apology!

We were overdue. Kari Wagner-Peck, who blogs at Not a Typical Mom, has a child with Down Syndrome. Earlier this month, she published an open letter to writer Chuck Klosterman on her blog. It’s worth reading in its entirety. But if … Continue reading

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A vlogger explains how to apologize (ugh, I typed “vlogger”)

Comic Franchesca Ramsey (aka Chescaleigh) is best known for her video “Sh*t White Girls Say…to Black Girls” (SWGSTBG). But this video is serious-serious rather than funny-serious; it’s about how to respond when someone is offended by your offensiveness. I like that she calls … Continue reading

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my fat tuchus and i do not accept your apology

We tried to relegate Lululemon’s last dimwitted apology to our Facebook page (feel free to “like” it to enjoy apologies we do not deign to cover at length here) but Lululemon, like a bunny-boiling anti-feminist icon, will not be ignored.

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140 characters

Home Depot, oy. Last Thursday, at 12:24PM EST, Harvard Law student Jonathan Wall grabbed a screen shot of a horrifyingly racist, bizarre tweet from Home Depot.

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Rob Ford conditionally adverbially apologizes-ishisly

Look, it’s not like we’re gonna be funnier than Stephen Colbert. Please enjoy this footage of the gentleman from South Carolina parodying Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s apology for smoking crack. (Sorry about the autoplay, and sorry you have to sit through … Continue reading

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