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not a sorry girl

Singer Ani DiFranco (or her people) scheduled a four-day “creativity workshop” at a former slave plantation in Louisiana. Many humans found this problematic. DiFranco ultimately cancelled the retreat…but her statement about why is abysmal. We really shouldn’t be tackling it, … Continue reading

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Time for another unabashedly fab apology

We here at SorryWatch want to exalt the good, not just excoriate the bad. Here’s an apology that’s very, very good. N. Wayne Hale was the launch integration manager at NASA in 2003, when the space shuttle Columbia exploded. After … Continue reading

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she don’t need permission, makes her own decisions, that’s her prerogative

On Monday, Queen Elizabeth issued a royal pardon to Alan Turing, aka the father of modern computing. Turing was a mathematician whose work as a codebreaker during World War II saved the lives of countless British citizens. But he was also … Continue reading

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Just time for a quick tweet before take-off

Sometimes you think ‘I’ll just do one last tweet for the road!’ and sometimes you might want to think again. Justine Sacco, Communications Director at IAC, a big internet and media company, chose to tweet and fly. She was flying … Continue reading

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Another reason not to have a statue of a golden calf

Someone stole a life-sized statue of Jesus from a church in Toronto. This may have been easier than it sounds, since the statue was a) made of resin, b) outdoors, and c) not on a plinth but at ground level. … Continue reading

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Best “regret the errors” of 2013 has a list of the best media corrections of 2013. SO MUCH EXCELLENCE! I believe my favorite is this, from the Tampa Bay Times: This story has been updated to reflect the following change: A Tampa Bay Times reporter … Continue reading

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LaBeouf stuff, sho nuff

Actor Shia LaBeouf (whose name is pronounced “Horrible Person”) has apologized for extensively plagiarizing the work of graphic novelist Dan Clowes.

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I thought I was all that

When charged with six counts of wire fraud and two counts of obstruction of justice, George Van Til, a long-serving Democratic politician in Indiana, declared his innocence and swore to fight. When he got a chance, he rhapsodized about his … Continue reading

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Canadian Stereotype Comics

from Kate Beaton’s brilliant Hark, a Vagrant (her book is a great gift!), an installment of Canadian Stereotype Comics: Though Rob Ford and Lululemon dude clearly failed to read this.  

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A naif in North Korea

Merrill Newman’s back home, so I guess it’s safe now to say that his apology sounded totally phony. Newman’s the 85-year-old Californian, a Korean War veteran, who went on a package tour in North Korea, was grabbed off the plane … Continue reading

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