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Hungry children don’t DESERVE good apologies

On Tuesday, 40 kids among the 500+ students at Uintah Elementary School in Salt Lake City had their lunches taken away and thrown out. This was ordered by a district Child Nutrition Manager (HA), because the kids’ parents had balances … Continue reading

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Demon Perkins

Billionaire businessman Tom Perkins wrote a letter to the Wall Street Journal. He used an attention-grabbing comparison. “…I would call attention to the parallels of fascist Nazi Germany to its war on its ‘one percent,’ namely its Jews, to the progressive … Continue reading

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Lewis Carroll knew how to grovel

Courtesy of the marvelous Brain Pickings: My dear Annie: This is indeed dreadful. You have no idea of the grief I am in while I write. I am obliged to use an umbrella to keep the tears from running down … Continue reading

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Belatedly weighing in on the news

SorryWatch was down for techie reasons unclear to your tech-clueless hosts. It’s back now. So here are a couple of news stories we coulda-shoulda-woulda weighed in on earlier.

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Victim catches perp cops couldn’t find. Hugs!

Evening in Lihue, on Kaua’i. A truck comes out of nowhere. After the wreck, Tania Perneel was a little confused. She thought the guy helping her was the driver that had hit her car. She noticed a blue truck driving … Continue reading

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non-apology doge

I made a doge reference in the first line of the SorryWatching of Chris Christie, because wow. Now writer-producer Jane Ruffino has gone us one better and given the universe an all-purpose non-apology doge. Distribute and attribute! PS. Feel free … Continue reading

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Fun Facts

During their Golden Globes broadcast, E! Entertainment ran a graphic over their live stream of guests entering the Beverly Hills Hilton. It accurately noted that “MICHAEL J. FOX WAS DIAGNOSED WITH PARKINSON’S DISEASE IN 1991” and inaccurately labeled this in … Continue reading

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The Navy regrets

NBC News 4 reporter Scott MacFarlane, researching a story about the Washington Navy Yard shootings of September 2013, sent some FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests to the Navy. He asked for memos sent by some officials, and for any … Continue reading

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Name-That-Political-Apology quiz

A delightful if demoralizing traipse through press conference history over at Mother Jones. I got 12 out of 14 correct and feel I have SHAMED MY OFFICE. (Of unpaid SorryWatch blogging. And my office is my bedroom. BUT STILL.)

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Chris Christie is sad

We are sad too. Sad, sad, sad. Many sad, much sigh, wow. 

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