non-apology doge

Bd8n6oECYAARAQHI made a doge reference in the first line of the SorryWatching of Chris Christie, because wow. Now writer-producer Jane Ruffino has gone us one better and given the universe an all-purpose non-apology doge. Distribute and attribute!

PS. Feel free to make and send us other good and bad apology doges with this doge-maker. Because sorry if, many misconstrued, such passive voice!

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8 Responses to non-apology doge

  1. sumac says:

    How do you pronounce this “doge”? I am guessing dog EE, but I don’t know!

    • Wretch says:

      So, as a shiba inu owner, this “episode” of SorryWatch caught my attention and I did a little research. Apparently there is a whole meme out there in internet meme-world based on Shibas (“shibes” they call them). The meme is called “Doge,” pronounced, as Snarly says, like the old Venetian dude, i.e. “Dozhe” and there you will find all kinds of odd pictures and videos of Shibas doing a range of unbearably cute, terrifyingly scary, or just plain odd, things. The key word seems to be “wow”. Wonder how this all started….

  2. snarly says:

    It appears to be pronounced like the chief magistrate of Venice guy. Like DOH! with a soft g at the end. (

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