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Whoops. Did I get you in trouble with the union?

In her new book, The Art of Apology, Lauren Bloom – who has a J.D., don’t forget – tells the story of “Eric,” a humble professional financial advisor who made a big mistake.

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James Van Der Beek acted like a schmuck

Despite the headline (“James Van Der Beek Apologizes to Mike Birbiglia”) this is not an apology. James Van Der Beek never actually says “I’m sorry I gave you a look of horror when you said we looked alike…and I’m ALSO … Continue reading

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This zone safe from tutu wordplay

The April issue of SELF, the magazine whose title makes me mutter “Really?” has a snarky section called “BS METER: Our SELF-y guide to what’s legit and what’s lame this month.” Edgy! Attitudinal! What could go wrong? How about this: … Continue reading

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Hey baby! Big points for: human. But the dog was here first.

The Ugly Volvo is a blog by writer and stand-up comic Raquel D’Apice. Recently she posted a powerful open letter containing 10 apologies. They’re all to her dog Tig, for the sharp decreases in Tig’s quality of life since a … Continue reading

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Oy, Dov. Oy, LRN.

Remember our dainty feminine foot-stomping when New York Times columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin decided to launch a feature called Apology Watch, with the help of business consultant Dov Seidman? Remember how Sorkin wouldn’t reply to our emails? (Though we did hear from his editor and from Seidman, … Continue reading

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Physician, (apologize and) heal thyself

Our pal Ivan Oransky at Retraction Watch, who’s also the VP of MedPage Today, alerted us to a terrific MedPage Today video about how and why doctors should apologize. It’s not embeddable, but you can watch it here. A summary … Continue reading

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Leave Macklemore alone!

I, Snarly, was among those who cringed at Macklemore’s post-Grammies text to Kendrick Lamar. (I have not asked Sumac what she thought, in part because she was probably doing noble bird rescuing while I was watching TV like a lox.) … Continue reading

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You lick your mother with that mouth?

A woman is walking a large dog of a certain age along a residential sidewalk. Although portly, grizzled, and respectably rain-coated, dog is what police would probably call a “pit bull mix.” (Cue: SCARY MUSIC WITH GRATUITOUS RATTLESNAKES.) I’ll call … Continue reading

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Sex with Mme. President? Does she know about this?

Five students at the University of Ottawa, four in student government, were conversing on Facebook, in the hallowed seclusion of privacy settings. Student elections were going on, so there were issues to talk about. They discussed whether the student federation … Continue reading

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Yet another apology cake

Yeah, no.   Hat tip to Joe Hobaica (who has not, to our knowledge had carnal knowledge of anyone else’s boyfriend).

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