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Wanted: #1-ranked tennis player, no fatties

No one puts Taylor Townsend in the Hefty Hideaway.

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Baltimore Ravens’ Ray Rice offers worst sports apology since Lance Armstrong

I’m thinking of doing a WikiHow. How Not to Give A Press Conference Apologizing for Beating the Crap Out of Your Wife in a Hotel Elevator and Dragging her Unconscious Body Out of It As Captured by Security Footage: 

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He can wear it, she can’t?

Jessica Urbina, a senior at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory school (SHC) in San Francisco, got a great picture for the yearbook. In the portrait, taken on the school’s Picture Day, Urbina’s beaming in a natty tuxedo, a look that also … Continue reading

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Denial is full of crocodiles

In Oakland, California, postal officials looked at the area around the main office and found it flawed. There was a parking lot for mail trucks, and a street with wide sidewalks adorned with flourishing ficus trees, and there was bird … Continue reading

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They pelted us with research and studies

Our pal Michael Orbach pointed us (via boing boing) toward Professor Ben Ho’s look at the economic value of apologies. Here’s what Ho, an assistant professor of economics at Vassar, says about the existing research.

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Doesn’t SHE have to SHUT UP if we have to say sorry?

J.K. Rowling, beloved creator of Hedwig the owl, was a single parent after her marriage broke up. Surviving on state benefits, and with no childcare, she also worked a few hours at a church where they let her bring her … Continue reading

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An apology to Chris Brown on Fox News

Courtesy of Wil Wheaton’s tumblr, as originally posted by don’t get comfortable by way of excellent SorryWatcher Lisa Harsma: Which was followed by an apology (or “apology”) on Fox News. FOX NEWS.

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Black Milk is very unappetizing.

A Facebook pal alerted us to customer service expert/social media maven Marc Watson’s blog post today about Australian clothing company Black Milk’s strategic dumbassery. Black Milk makes what might be described as sexy nerdware — skintight dresses and leggings featuring … Continue reading

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The last thing on Miss Otis’s mind was inconveniencing you

In a peculiar song by Cole Porter, the narrator apologizes – on behalf of another – for missing a luncheon date. “Miss Otis regrets she’s unable to lunch today, Madam.” I learned this song young (which explains something). I assumed … Continue reading

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