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Unlike me, you’re rude

As happens every year, the president publicly “pardoned” a turkey for Thanksgiving. Two worried turkeys, Mac and Cheese, were escorted to the event. Cheese was officially pardoned. Understudy Mac was on hand in case something went wrong. President Obama’s children, … Continue reading

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Too creepy to travel

BY SPECIAL GUEST BLOGGER JONELLE PATRICK Damn, it used to be a white guy in Tokyo could get away with anything – like playfully choking girls in public, randomly ramming their heads into his crotch while cheerfully shouting “Pikachu!” and … Continue reading

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Reflections on a Gift of Watermelon Pickle

A guest post by SorryWatch Senior Kidlit Correspondent Andria Amaral, the Young Adult Services Manager at the Charleston County Public Library in South Carolina.  As you’ve probably heard by now, after winning the prestigious Young People’s Literature Award for her … Continue reading

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Now that he knows…

This story starts very badly, but gets better. A young man raped a girl in 1997. He was 22, a veteran, sleeping on the floor at someone’s house in Calgary, Alberta. So was a 13-year-old girl at a sleepover. He … Continue reading

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Attention all athletes: this is how you apologize

Former New Zealand star cricket player Lou Vincent threw dozens of matches. Threw ’em like confetti. When charged with the crime, he pleaded guilty. He apparently tried no weaselly moves to save his career. Though he has struggled with depression and … Continue reading

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Creepery in uniform

It’s worrisome to be pulled over by the Highway Patrol. Alarming when they ask if you’ve been drinking. Often people respond by demonstrating how cooperative, how compliant, how law-abiding they are. Good evening officer! Politely, you hand over your driver’s … Continue reading

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nicki minaj hates nazis, you guys!

This morning a writer from Refinery 29, Lauren Le Vine, emailed us for a comment on Nicki Minaj’s apology. (We also heard from a couple of readers wanting us to tackle it.) You see, Ms. Minaj had released a video filled … Continue reading

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Sorry if I seemed to be legally liable in any way

Ivan Oransky of Retraction Watch pointed this out to us. Retraction Watch focuses on scientific journals, with sample subject matter including spectroscopy, peptides, climate change, surgical techniques, quantum physics, and yes, surface temperatures of naked-neck chickens.  An article in the … Continue reading

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