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Lies, damned lies, and video editing

On July 18, 2013, Tyrone West was pulled over for a routine traffic stop in Baltimore. An unarmed black man, he somehow ended up dead. Some witnesses say they saw police (Baltimore city police and Morgan State University campus police) … Continue reading

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Apologizing is for leftist hipster losers

One of the perils of being a Jew in America is being constantly, painfully attuned to our place in the international consciousness. Any news or pop cultural event is run through the filter of “Is it good for the Jews?” And being … Continue reading

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Do not make me turn this plane around

In the first class section of your flight, you may expect the tender luxury to begin with a serving of nuts. But some people are allergic to nuts (or dislike them), so the flight attendant should ask if you would … Continue reading

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Compare ‘n’ contrast! Rolling Stone & Jon Stewart apologies!

In a roundup last week, Jon Stewart offered up a list of Black men from around the country who had been killed by police in the last year. Unfortunately, one of the men wasn’t shot or strangled; he was Tasered while … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart on apology vs regret

Jon Stewart was amusant last week in a report about the St. Louis Rams’s “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” gesture. We shall now weigh in with our analysis belatedly, as is our frequent wont. We are busy ladies.  

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On hugs and regret

I was going to post about this image and text. I really wanted to.

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Tiny good thing

Often, when I start to tell telephone solicitors that I won’t send money or give them my password, they hang up. So rude. They called me, and then they hang up on me? Sometimes I actually need to talk to … Continue reading

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