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As the rain cometh down

The Cathedral of St Mary of the Assumption, in San Francisco, aka St Mary’s Cathedral, is a piece of 1960s architecture. It’s interesting geometrically, as the cross section changes from a square to a cross as the roof rises. Most … Continue reading

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Flying Confusion Air

I recently flew to a college town, inexplicably the site of a marvelous wildlife symposium. The flight there and back involved 4 legs. I selected seats on 3 of the legs. To save money, I didn’t take advantage of airline … Continue reading

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He said he’s sorry about your pain! Friends now, right?

Colleges have a long tradition of ironing over certain problems between students. If someone screams because they got burned? They iron harder. It used to work better.

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Poetess apologizes to dude-feminist

And now they’re dead. No, wait, the apology did not cause death. Because they could not stop for death, but it kindly stopped for them anyway! As it is wont to do. The poetess was Emily Dickinson, neurasthenic homebody and possibly … Continue reading

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Let’s all listen to Orlando Jones

Mr. Jones, a fine actor on the first-season-was-awesome-and-then-oh-GOD-but-I’m-not-giving-up-yet television program Sleepy Hollow, is known for his skilled use of social media. He has, however, not always knocked his social-media apologies out of the park, as we have discussed on this … Continue reading

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Sorry hecklers

Carol Leifer‘s book How to Succeed in Business Without Really Crying: Lessons from a Life in Comedy has useful tips for handling hecklers. One came from early in her standup career, when she often had problems with male groups heckling … Continue reading

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“kanye west” apologizes

We have a real (crap) Kanye apology and a fake Kanye apology song! Kanye apologized for dissing Beck (and also Bruno Mars) in a manner as minimalist as a $120 plain white t-shirt. At the Grammys last month, it seemed for … Continue reading

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