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Sorry for my 49% of what went wrong

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc., went on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Lots of iPhone jokes. Asked about the latest Steve Jobs movie, he said he hadn’t seen any of them, but “I think that a lot of … Continue reading

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this is how you do community policing

Police in the town on North Swindon, in the county of Wiltshire in Southwest England, have apologized for repeatedly turning on their sirens in a residential neighborhood. The officers were trying to settle a debate among four-year-olds about whether police … Continue reading

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If you really want to be helpful, don’t let the twins moon the judge

It’s possible to be harmed by peanuts even if you don’t have a peanut allergy. In 2009 a widespread salmonella outbreak was traced back to the Peanut Corporation of America (PCA). Hundreds of people got sick when they ate tainted … Continue reading

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Seasonal meditations on apologies and forgiveness

Over at Tablet Magazine (where snarly is a columnist) there is a delightful comic about all the different apologies the artist owes for long-ago incidents. It’s funny and also sad.

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SorryWatch Does Art

This is a 2007 piece called Forgiveness, by artist Dan Attoe. I don’t know what it means. And it’s art, so your interpretation’s as good as mine.

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NO underpants were visible, and he’s a FOOL to call them ‘TEAL’ when they were OBVIOUSLY TURQUOISE

A county park ranger spotted two people he described as “making out” in a car in the parking lot at Lebanon Hills Regional Park in Dakota County, Minnesota. He went over to fling metaphorical cold water on this overly-public activity. … Continue reading

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Maimo, Maimo, it’s off to apologize we go!

Hey, as we head into Rosh HaShanah, let’s go through the 12th century sage Moses Maimonides’s RULES FOR APOLOGIZING. It won’t be boring, I swear. Get back here. Maimonides (who had the jaunty nickname Rambam) was a Spanish physician and chicken soup … Continue reading

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