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Hey, watch it!

Columbus Circle station, early summer, bench. Young black guy, cool hipsterish clothes, large backpack, amusingly be-patched (does he really belong to Lehigh Valley Police Revolver League?), subtly spray-painted (faint black shading on light khaki), iPod, iPhone. 50ish white lady, peculiar … Continue reading

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UPDATE! Feral mac-n-cheese-kid apology acceptance news

You recall the UConn bacon-jalapeno-mac-n-cheese teen, I’m sure. In a viral video, since taken down (but this site has a nice play-by-play, if you missed it, and a few copies seem to still be floating around Youtube), a privileged and … Continue reading

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Darwin sorry not sorry?

In 1880, when Charles Darwin was 71, he got a letter asking if he was a Christian. The letter-writer, worrywart F. A. McDermott, fussed, “If I am to have the pleasure of reading your books, I must feel that at … Continue reading

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Was there a polar bear in the taxi?

Middle of the night, there you are in an Antarctic gale, thirty feet above the deck of your sailboat, mast swinging wildly, trying to attach a new halyard because the previous one snapped off. Probably because the only other person … Continue reading

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a vintage #sorrynotsorry

(Actually, a little searching for the source shows me that this image is a doctored version of this one. BUT STILL. Not sorry for sharing it. Be nice to your server.)

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Whole Foods, getting out ahead of the scandal (NOT REALLY)

In general, SorryWatch frowns on the concept of pre-apology. (Also its polar opposite, post-unapology.) Apologizing in advance for something you know is wrong but that you’re going to do anyway is douchey (unless you are Chris Pratt and you are pre-mocking your … Continue reading

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Let bygones be bygones? NOT SO FAST.

Eliza Hamilton, widow of Alexander Hamilton, had come to visit her daughter in D.C. She was chilling in the back yard with her teenaged nephew when a maid brought James Monroe’s card. (I am guessing this maid was an employee, … Continue reading

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