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At last

Hugo Solano was killed by a violent teenager. Left behind were his wife Ana Solano and their two children. When the teenager, Juan Martin Garcia, was on trial Ana Solano was asked what sentence she thought he should get.

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Lower your expectations, ladies. Or not. Or not! Don’t hit a guy!

SorryWatch hopes it will not give reason to apologize because one of its members (Sumac) is off to Antarctica for several months, under the auspices of the NSF and the US Antarctic Program. But SorryWatch is not worried yet. At … Continue reading

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Mizzou professopology

Melissa Click, the University of Missouri professor of mass media who was seen on video trying to boot a student journalist from a protest, yelling “I need some muscle over here!” then grabbing at and trying to cover another student journalist’s camera, has apologized. It’s not a … Continue reading

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I, Chucklehead, am desolated to have insulted France

Apparently Marco Rubio doesn’t show up at the Senate much. Me neither, but nobody elected me Senator. Rubio asked to be elected, so the fact that he doesn’t turn up much is noteworthy. Noteworthy? So noted! His opponents in the … Continue reading

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Harry Hamlin: Pretty Vacant

A minor actor opted to dress as Sid Vicious for Halloween, in a t-shirt with a swastika on it. People were distressed. The minor actor’s wife, who was dressed as Sid’s girlfriend and murder victim Nancy Spungen, apologized. Here is why her apology … Continue reading

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Apologize to your mother

(It turns out Snarly and Sumac have slightly different apology approaches, as you’ll see.) Here at SorryWatch we are grieved and intrigued* to find that not everyone agrees about the goodness of good apologies. There are many reasons for this … Continue reading

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a sweet apology, 51 years later

The New York Times’s John Leland has a neat little story in today’s paper about a prosecutor apologizing to a defendant…a half-century after the prosecutor won his case. 

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