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what every castle’s lavatory needs

According to the charming web site The Irish Aesthete, this framed item hangs in a bathroom at Birr Castle, County Offaly. As a lowly American Jewess not of the peerage, I don’t know whether the contrite Earl of Rosse is the current Earl (the 7th, for those keeping … Continue reading

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Yarr, officer

We are entering a golden age of the police report, possibly led by the Arcata Eye’s justly famous example. Skimming a Lebanon, Oregon public record summary in search of apology, I got distracted by the pirate festival.

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Flying While Turbaned

A week ago, the Sikh fashion designer/model/actor Waris Ahluwalia was denied permission to board a flight back home to New York, because he refused a demand from Aeromexico to remove his turban in public. Ahluwalia instagrammed a shot of himself … Continue reading

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Cruz to City: Drop Dead

A person running for president said something snide, and later said he was apologizing for it. Sounds good until you seek the apology. The candidate isn’t expressing regret, he’s piling insults higher.

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