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Is that how you protect children from families?

A wedding was held at the Western Reserve Historical Society in Cleveland, Ohio. During picture-taking, the bride’s sister stepped away to nurse her baby. With her breasts. History shows we can’t have that!

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Nothing to see here. Ignore the content, ignore the tone.

In Wisconsin, there’s an electoral race for a seat on the state Supreme Court. (Judicial seats are sometimes filled by appointment, sometimes by election. I disapprove of the election method.) Now in the seat is Rebecca Bradley. She had planned … Continue reading

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Antarctic apology

Suddenly a strobe destroys the darkness. Frantic loud notes! Flashing! Buzzing! “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Stop! God DAMN it!” “For God’s sake!”

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Little Gloria in the Vortex of Sorry

Lands’ End, respected purveyor of serviceable clothing, put out a fancy catalog. It contained an interview at which some people directed a fury campaign. The company apologized. The apology infuriated different people, generating another fury campaign. The subject of the … Continue reading

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