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An insightful quotation about apologizing

Yup. We’ve been known to say that a bad apology is in many ways worse than no apology, and that if you don’t think you’re wrong, don’t offer a half-assed apology — one that doesn’t truly acknowledge wrongdoing. BUT. This quote … Continue reading

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Lousy apology for the most racist ad EVER?

Here is an ad by a Chinese detergent company. (All the trigger warnings for mega-racism.)

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I will apologize if it happened unless it’s all your fault

In 1954, Ethel Payne was a reporter for The Chicago Defender, the biggest black-run newspaper in the nation. The Defender had sent her to Washington. She’d had a White House press credential for 3 months, the 3rd black reporter ever … Continue reading

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Please don’t tell me what I’m apologizing for

If you don’t say exactly what it is you’re sorry for, it can ruin an otherwise good apology. It’s evasive. The person you’re apologizing to may feel like you’re not facing up to it. It seems insincere. So when you … Continue reading

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Can’t we get this community gated somehow?

Mark Woodward, a guy apparently unclued about social media and civic decency, posted some nasty stuff on Facebook for no real reason. Surprising he’s so differently-clued about social media, since he’s CEO of a software company, but maybe it’s about … Continue reading

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The Curious Incident of the Chocolate Love Monkey

Hi, SorryWatchers! This post may be unsafe for work!

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