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Difficult friends

Mary Pickford came down the stairs of Pickfair, the grand house she and Douglas Fairbanks had built together. Several of her guests were already at the dinner table. Pickford focused on an old friend, screenwriter Frances Marion. She ordered Marion … Continue reading

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What’s “Burn in hell” in the language of flowers?

Recently SorryWatch was doing the New York Times crossword puzzle. (5/26/16.) Spotting the clue “A white one is said to symbolize ‘I’m sorry’,” we thought we had it nailed. Yellow roses mean ‘I’m sorry’! Well, no. We had to figure … Continue reading

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Politician’s Heartfelt Apology: Not An Oxymoron!

A letter to Utah’s Lieutenant Governor, Spencer Cox, from his constituent Bari Nan Cohen. Dear Lieutenant Governor Cox: You know that rockstar apology you gave to the gay community in Utah after the mass shooting in Orlando? The reason your speech … Continue reading

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Daddy Turner Overdrive

You all know Brock Turner? Convicted three-count felon? Stanford swimmer? Recipient of an astonishing, articulate and heart-rending victim impact letter, read aloud in court by the woman he sexually assaulted? Dude who could have gotten 14 years in prison but was … Continue reading

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At least it’s a good apology?

In an interview in The Independent, some director I’ve never heard of (John Carney) made snarky comments about an actress I have heard of (Keira Knightley). (The last thing I saw the actress in was Bend It Like Beckham, an indication that I … Continue reading

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