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Regret is not apology, Karl

DRAAAAAAAMA that has nothing to do with actual awards! Out of nowhere, two days ago, Chanel’s terrifying-yet-mockable designer Karl Lagerfeld told Women’s Wear Daily that Meryl Streep was set to wear one of his gowns to the Oscars but backed out … Continue reading

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You came to say you’re sorry?

Michele H. was 10 or 11 when she was asked to babysit for some neighbor kids. The parents said she could eat anything in the house. There was ice cream in the freezer, so after the little kids were in … Continue reading

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10 Things We Hate About the Telegram’s Apology

First, check out this apology by Steve, the managing editor of the Telegram in Newfoundland. Steve is purportedly apologizing for a headline on a rape story — “TOO DRUNK TO REMEMBER.” Let’s discuss! Why is this a terrible apology, compounding the initial … Continue reading

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The biggest mistake in drunk driving apologies

Steven Bowditch is an Australian golfer. Good player, currently on the PGA tour and the PGA tour of Australasia, known for bewitching eyebrows and a struggle with severe depression. In the low-digit hours of February 3rd, Bowditch was arrested in … Continue reading

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General Flynn’s resignation letter is VERY BAD!

You may have heard that Michael Flynn has resigned from his gig as National Security Advisor. Because he’d lied hither and yon about conversations he’d had with Russia. Let’s look at his apology! 

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Sorrywatching the Grammies!

Your gracious hostesses Snarly and Sumac are not entirely up on Teh Music of Today. But here are the apology-related songs — of which Snarly is aware — that seem to be nominated for Grammy Awards tonight, either on their own … Continue reading

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Nothing says lovin’ like something from the oven

Aw, a bright pink construction paper valentine! With a red lollipop taped inside! And a picture of Adolf Hitler on the outside with the legend: “my love 4 u burns like 6,000 jews”! In Comic Sans! (Also, 6,000 Jews? This person’s … Continue reading

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Somebody should shoot somebody to end the violence! Always works!

Dan Adamini, a Republican state representative from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula who also hosts a radio show we decline to advertise, felt a need to dispense his sassy wisdom. He was commenting on an initially non-violent demonstration at U.C. Berkeley protesting … Continue reading

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