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Don’t we need a nice apology story right now?

I  think we do. Thanks to SorryWatch’s Senior Starbucks Correspondent Ernie for sharing this one, via ABC News. (Warning: Video autoplay at the link.) Mise-en-scène: Andrew Richardson, 20, is staffing the Starbucks drive-through window in Bishop, CA. A lady buys several … Continue reading

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The Vermian Underhanded Daily Beast and Nico

You may recall our dismay at one of the worst media “apologies” of the last year — The Daily Beast’s half-assed, defensive, self-aggrandizing responses to criticism of Nico Hines’s “story” about pretending to be gay to pick up Olympic athletes on … Continue reading

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We asked you to work for free to protect your ego

The Next Web conference presents itself as a big huge deal. Founded in 2006, based in Amsterdam, it claims to be “an unmissable fixture in the European tech scene, bringing together a week of side events and a 2-day conference … Continue reading

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When you’re being called “the knees-together judge”…

…you should probably step down. Apologies can only do so much. Meet Robin Camp! A provincial judge in Canada, he asked the accuser in a rape trial, “Why couldn’t you just keep your knees together?” He also informed her that “pain … Continue reading

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No shoes on the couch

In many families or classrooms, kids are taught the difference between an “outside voice” and an “inside voice.” Inside voice is quieter. Then there’s an “inside-the-head voice.” That’s the voice for things that no one else needs to hear. Things … Continue reading

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My public contempt for you is a concerned, helpful contempt

Rubidoux High School is located in Jurupa Valley, California. The school “mascot” is the jaguar. The town is about 70% Hispanic or Latino, and the student body is closer to 90%, according to the Washington Post. The town’s on part … Continue reading

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