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But you’re my mother

In Nadja Spiegelman‘s memoir, I’m Supposed to Protect You from All This, she recounts a curious episode from her youth. (SorryWatch is focusing on apology here and will leave aside our admiration for the work of the writer’s parents, Françoise … Continue reading

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Dear Evan Hansen

I haven’t yet seen this highly regarded musical. It’s apparently about being Canadian.

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Sorry we assigned a racist to review your book

Inside Higher Education has an excellent account of a horrible decision made by an academic journal…and the journal’s attempt to make things right. Read the whole tale there. The (sorta?) short version:

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Why Won’t You Apologize? (At least for the DAMN BANANAS?)

Psychologist Harriet Lerner, who wrote the landmark Dance of Anger, praised as “one of the first books written about women’s anger,” has a new book out. SorryWatch read Why Won’t You Apologize?: Healing Big Betrayals and Everyday Hurts with interest, … Continue reading

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Mean, stupid, and scary

You might have heard: UNITED flight from Chicago to Louisville, full up! UNITED suddenly wants to put four employees on the flight. Any volunteers to take a later flight? Some, but not enough! Somehow select 69-year-old passenger, order him off. … Continue reading

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Not your average bonsai

The botanical gardens at the University of North Carolina’s Charlotte campus cover ten acres – that’s a lot of plants, so they probably can’t keep track of them all and wouldn’t miss one puny shrub that would look fantabulous on … Continue reading

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Pepsi’s statement about That Ad

You know the one. Pepsi has pulled it from YouTube, but as of this writing you can still see it on AdAge’s site. The ad Dr. Martin Luther King’s daughter Bernice responded to thusly. If only Daddy would have known about … Continue reading

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