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Yippee! A good apology for transphobia from Esquire Philippines!

Esquire Philippines recently ran a piece about the transition of singer Jake Zyrus. Zyrus, who used to perform as Charice Pempengco, recently revealed his chosen name on Twitter. Esquire super-maturely mocked it. (JAKE ZYRUS HA HA HA HA.) Social media … Continue reading

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The bragpology subset of fauxpology

In the wake of several terrible celebrity apologies (Hi, Bill!), the ever-observant Sumac noted to Snarly in an email that bragpology seems to be a fun, skeevy trend. Let us define terms: Bragpology is a boast hidden inside an expression of regret. … Continue reading

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We’d love to share a good apology. Today is not that day.

Mamamia is an Australian web site created by one Mia Freedman, who is famous Down Under. (She is a Personality who, back in the day, was the youngest editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan. Today she frequently opines on work-life balance and appears to … Continue reading

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To me you’re just a lowly student, soldier

Harland Fletcher recently finished his senior year at Liberty High School in Brentwood, California. He sounds like an energetic and motivated guy. The day he turned 17, he enlisted in the US Army. Under the Split Training Option, he completed … Continue reading

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Bollywood apology!

It’s never a bad time for an amazing dance number! Behold this delightful video from ABCD, “India’s first 3D dance film.” It is a super-catchy song, but a very bad apology. The lyrics (which you can read here) start off well, … Continue reading

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Let whose dog is without sin cast the first stone

Cousins of Sorrywatch were new to rural Montana. Their neighbors had chickens, including a rackety rooster. One day the chicken owners came by and told my cousins that their dog – call her Nickel – had come over and killed … Continue reading

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No way, Ina May

Let’s examine two apologies for the exact same incident. One is terrible. One is excellent. But first, let’s look at an adorable baby, because we’re gonna need to. Ready? OK. Last month, Texas Birth Networks, a non-profit that works to improve infant … Continue reading

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