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My name is Mandy Patinkin. You killed your own show. Prepare to die.

Josh Groban left the Broadway show Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812 a few weeks ago. (I saw him in it. He was fine. Big voice.) The role of Pierre was taken over by Okieriete “Oak” Onaodowan, a … Continue reading

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Raising a kid with low expectations

Sometimes an apology fails rational criteria and yet manages to do the job. SorryWatch was reading Born to Run, Bruce Springsteen‘s excellent autobiography, and came across such a case. As described in the book, Springsteen’s father was a hard man … Continue reading

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Sun salutations, sizeism, sexism and scumbaggery

By the end of this horrible, un-yogic apology you will be lying in savasana on your floor. (See what I did there.) THE BACKSTORY: Earlier this week, in a 20,000-member closed Facebook group for yoga teachers, a fat yoga teacher … Continue reading

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Bad Apology Bingo II

You recall our post-Lance-Armstrong game of Bad Apology Bingo? Welp, in the wake of a recent raft of crap apologies from venture capitalists, comedians, beauty bloggers and Aussie media outlets, LET’S PLAY AGAIN!   SaveSaveSaveSave

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“Alleged” doesn’t belong in an apology

  Parkour, closely related to free running, is cool. Fun to do and to watch. You’re dashing through the built world like an obstacle course, bouncing off stuff, leaping from building to building as if pursued by killers, hurtling walls, … Continue reading

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One of many creeps

Dave McClure’s apology has the catchy headline “I’m a Creep. I’m Sorry.” Sounds promising! Then 900 words calling himself creep, asshole, selfish, inexcusable, clueless, inappropriate, defensive, crappy, shallow, shitty, and one who has lost the plot. Nice. Does that mean … Continue reading

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Tupac’s letter to Madonna

Yesterday TMZ published a letter Tupac Shakur wrote from prison to Madonna in 1995. It’ll be sold at an online auction starting July 19th, with a starting bid of $100K. In the letter, Tupac explains why he broke up with Madonna … Continue reading

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