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A fine apology from the March for Racial Justice

SorryWatch exists because good apologies are hard. When human beings are challenged on our behavior, we often react with defensiveness. We may obfuscate a bit. We may make excuses. And this is natural. No one wants to feel uncomfortable; it’s … Continue reading

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When jackbooted thugs come for your lemonade

On the streets of Tower Hamlets, a London borough, a five-year-old set up a lemonade stand. She charged 50 pence for a small glass, and a pound for a large one. That’s about 65 cents or a dollar-thirty. Her father, … Continue reading

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Think you have what it takes to be an Anteater? Ha ha! Wrong answer!

A university sent letters of admissions to more kids than it actually wanted to admit, calculating that a lot of them wouldn’t come. This happens all the time. If a school gets too many students, it may scramble to shoehorn … Continue reading

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Burning Man apologies roundup

It’s almost time. That time when a strangely-assorted group of people travel in their thousands to a flat dry dustpan to camp, build artworks, ignite spectacular flames, dance, give things to each other, and burn artworks down. And things too … Continue reading

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