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G’mar Tov, to all our Yom Kippur observers

As Yom Kippur nears, there are two traditional things celebrants say to each other. G’mar chatima tova and g’mar tov. Careful readers will note that the three-word and two-word expressions are similar! And both can tell us something instructive about … Continue reading

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I’m just a hothead & it’s just tennis

  Fabio Fognini was having a bad moment at the U.S. Open in Flushing Meadows, New York. Actually, 3 bad moments. In the singles, Stefano Travaglia, was beating him. In the process of losing he had 3 temper tantrums. These … Continue reading

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Vote for me! I have lucid intervals!

Kimberley Paige Barnette is running as a Republican for mayor of Charlotte, NC. Last month she participated in a candidate debate and said some noteworthy things. She didn’t love the poor, whom she said should be discouraged from coming to … Continue reading

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Can you tell us who made this?

It’s very sweet. Snarly saw it on Pinterest. We can’t read the signature and Googling did not turn up the maker.  

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Equifax hack’s lax apology vexes

To elaborate on our manic tweeting two days back (follow us on Twitter if you want knee-jerk apology critiques, interactions, smokin’ hot takes and one-liners!), Equifax’s apology for its data breach was execrable.┬áLet’s ponder the suckage!

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