Take an apology lesson from Thor

Last year, SorryWatch approvingly noted that actor Chris Hemsworth made a good apology for insensitive behavior. It turns out that his character Thor is also a good apologizer! In a deleted scene from the first Thor movie in 2011, we learn that during the Asgardian god’s time on earth, he grows from imperious musclebound war-prince to sensitive dude who has learned to apologize.

Remember this diner scene?

Later in the movie, Thor helps his friend Jane make breakfast for her colleagues and refrains from hurling drinking receptacles. Go, Thor. But he goes further: In a scene left on the cutting room floor, he shows us that he regrets the crockery-shattering public outburst earlier in the film and wants to make amends.

What has Thor done right, apology fans?

He says “excuse me,” indicating he knows he’s interrupting Isabel’s work. He uses her name, which shows he’s paid attention. He tries to make amends and offer reparations (new cup). He is sincere, but he does not waste Isabel’s time or emotional energy; he does what has to be done and gets out of Dodge.

A very minor quibble: Ordinarily SorryWatch prefers “I’m sorry” or “I apologize” to “Please forgive me.” The “I” construction shows that the speaker recognizes their own fault, while “please forgive me” puts too much onus on the listener. The listener is the one who is owed something; the person who is apologizing should not be asking for a boon. Forgiveness is a gift. The person acknowledging that they’re in the wrong should not be asking for a gift at the same time that they’re supposed to be genuflecting. Right?

HOWEVER. Thor is not of our earth. He is still learning to speak in a less formal Midgardian manner. Dude is a god; he’s not accustomed to being a supplicant. We’ll let his phrasing go, because for Thor, saying “Please forgive me for my behavior” is a LOT. Our buff blond hammer-wielding pal has clearly come a long way. It should be possible for mere mortals, too.





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  1. Susan Oliver says:

    Thank you. My soul needed this.

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