4 Responses to Al and Louie

  1. Nettie says:

    Thanks for tackling these. I think a lot of us have come to rely on SorryWatch, in a good way. All those video gifs, though, made me dizzy. I much prefer the still illustrations, except for that cat in a tutu (sp?) in the analysis of Kevin Spacey’s apology. Thank you again for the important work that you’re doing and for doing it so well.

  2. Johanna Knox says:

    Franken’s apology is pretty terrible! Along with the things you raise, I think he does some more things that other bad apologies do – but in a subtler way than some. E.g: “It’s obvious how Leeann would feel violated by that picture.” Um, nope – *he violated her* in this picture. It’s about what he objectively did, not her interpretation of it. Then there is the “women who look up to me” bit … Why do these people always feel the need to throw something like that in? He doesn’t go as far as Louis CK of course, but it’s still self-aggrandising and patronising.

  3. John Evans says:

    Please comment usefully on Franken’s latest from 11/23/17. It’s tragically bad. Because of the current political situation, the stakes are very high for all of us.

  4. Julia Nunn says:

    The really frustrating thing for someone with a half dozen decades under her belt is watching feminism and the CONCEPT of valuing women equal to valuing men (including our salaries, our ideas, our ‘power’ and our rights), watching that feminism go in and out of style like padded shoulders or denim. While I am very glad that so many women feel empowered to speak up loudly about sexually predatory behavior at the moment, for me the saddest thing is that many of these loud voices are erupting from events two and three decades ago. Because they did not feel they COULD speak then, at the moment of the outrage. And lived a smaller quieter life because of it.

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