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When you’re being called “the knees-together judge”…

…you should probably step down. Apologies can only do so much. Meet Robin Camp! A provincial judge in Canada, he asked the accuser in a rape trial, “Why couldn’t you just keep your knees together?” He also informed her that “pain … Continue reading

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A deep cleansing breath and a good apology

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) formally apologized for decades of harassment of female members. The apology was accompanied by a $100-million (approximately $75 million American) settlement, ending two class-action lawsuits against the force. And it is a very good apology. 

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Jeah we’re tackling Ryan Lochte

It is a busy day at SorryWatch HQ, so a quick look at Ryan’s “candid and careful” (mmmphhhh) “apology” (ahahahahahahaha) appears on SorryWatch’s Facebook page, which you should follow for short takes on apologies that do not warrant extensive analysis. Like … Continue reading

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Daddy Turner Overdrive

You all know Brock Turner? Convicted three-count felon? Stanford swimmer? Recipient of an astonishing, articulate and heart-rending victim impact letter, read aloud in court by the woman he sexually assaulted? Dude who could have gotten 14 years in prison but was … Continue reading

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UPDATE! Feral mac-n-cheese-kid apology acceptance news

You recall the UConn bacon-jalapeno-mac-n-cheese teen, I’m sure. In a viral video, since taken down (but this site has a nice play-by-play, if you missed it, and a few copies seem to still be floating around Youtube), a privileged and … Continue reading

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Lance Armstrong, still not actually sorry

Lance Armstrong’s Oprah Apology Spectacular remains the lousiest sports-related apology we’ve ever covered. In its sheer length and sprawling terribleness, it is unlikely ever to be surpassed. Yay, Lance! It’s a title you have legitimately won! And only two and … Continue reading

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Is there any act too horrible for a Tshirt thief?

Joseph Sledge stole some T-shirts from a department store. Shoplifting. Is a crime. In middle school, high school, and college, I knew kids who shoplifted. Naming no names. Little did we realize how that leads to a lifetime of suffering. … Continue reading

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Alas for human dignity, it was a burrito

Ugly stuff is and has been happening in Ferguson, Missouri. People were talking about it on Twitter the other night. Nate Silver, noted statistician, and now editor of the FiveThirtyEight blog for ESPN, joined in with an apercu about police … Continue reading

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There are no words. Apparently. Just Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam!

In April 2012, as Steve and Paula Alarcon were sleeping, someone fired five shots through the bedroom window, hitting them in the legs. Steve Alarcon wasn’t able to walk for months. Paula Alarcon did better, once the risk of bleeding … Continue reading

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Why didn’t you come see me, Dad?

It’s no fun having to visit your kid in jail. It’s even less fun when instead of seeing him, you get locked into a steel-doored concrete room and forgotten. Farad Polk had been visiting his son, who’s awaiting trial (drugs), … Continue reading

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