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Poetess apologizes to dude-feminist

And now they’re dead. No, wait, the apology did not cause death. Because they could not stop for death, but it kindly stopped for them anyway! As it is wont to do. The poetess was Emily Dickinson, neurasthenic homebody and possibly … Continue reading

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Whoops. Did I get you in trouble with the union?

In her new book, The Art of Apology, Lauren Bloom – who has a J.D., don’t forget – tells the story of “Eric,” a humble professional financial advisor who made a big mistake.

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I have so much to regret! I’m a remorseful hellion!

Music writer Dave Bry, so blatantly riding off SorryWatch’s international fame (they love us in Italy, they love us in Brazil, they’ve heard of us in France), has written a book called Public Apology: In Which a Man Grapples with … Continue reading

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