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A two-part apology for sexual harassment, six years later

On New Year’s Eve, Dan Harmon, creator of the show Community (“Troy and Abed in the mooooorning!”) tweeted this. Two days later, at 2:11 am, Megan Ganz, a writer on Community, tweeted this: Hmm. That afternoon, Harmon tweeted a response … Continue reading

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You asked. Ugh, fine. Here’s Harvey Weinstein.

As you know, on October 5, the New York Times broke the news (or rather, reported extensively on an open secret and got on-the-record confirmation from famous actresses) about years of sexual harassment claims about producer Harvey Weinstein.

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Sun salutations, sizeism, sexism and scumbaggery

By the end of this horrible, un-yogic apology you will be lying in savasana on your floor. (See what I did there.) THE BACKSTORY: Earlier this week, in a 20,000-member closed Facebook group for yoga teachers, a fat yoga teacher … Continue reading

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“Alleged” doesn’t belong in an apology

  Parkour, closely related to free running, is cool. Fun to do and to watch. You’re dashing through the built world like an obstacle course, bouncing off stuff, leaping from building to building as if pursued by killers, hurtling walls, … Continue reading

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Fonzie does not apologize

You may or may not remember Happy Days, a relic from a long-ago time before Ron Howard was a big-macher director and Scott Baio was an intolerance-spewing sexist bigot. It was also a time before Henry Winkler was a best-selling children’s … Continue reading

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Jeah we’re tackling Ryan Lochte

It is a busy day at SorryWatch HQ, so a quick look at Ryan’s “candid and careful” (mmmphhhh) “apology” (ahahahahahahaha) appears on SorryWatch’s Facebook page, which you should follow for short takes on apologies that do not warrant extensive analysis. Like … Continue reading

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quick look at a superb apology

Thanks to our friends on The Well for pointing us to this one: Australian Today Show presenter Karl Stefanovic, engaged in the dippy banter endemic to morning TV hosts, made jokes about “trannies” on the beach in Rio. The next … Continue reading

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Daddy Turner Overdrive

You all know Brock Turner? Convicted three-count felon? Stanford swimmer? Recipient of an astonishing, articulate and heart-rending victim impact letter, read aloud in court by the woman he sexually assaulted? Dude who could have gotten 14 years in prison but was … Continue reading

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UPDATE! Feral mac-n-cheese-kid apology acceptance news

You recall the UConn bacon-jalapeno-mac-n-cheese teen, I’m sure. In a viral video, since taken down (but this site has a nice play-by-play, if you missed it, and a few copies seem to still be floating around Youtube), a privileged and … Continue reading

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