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Equifax hack’s lax apology vexes

To elaborate on our manic tweeting two days back (follow us on Twitter if you want knee-jerk apology critiques, interactions, smokin’ hot takes and one-liners!), Equifax’s apology for its data breach was execrable. Let’s ponder the suckage!

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We asked you to work for free to protect your ego

The Next Web conference presents itself as a big huge deal. Founded in 2006, based in Amsterdam, it claims to be “an unmissable fixture in the European tech scene, bringing together a week of side events and a 2-day conference … Continue reading

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Free speech is not consequence-free speech

Dan Murphy, co-owner of a startup brewery in East Sacramento posted on his personal Facebook page about the 1/21/17 Women’s March. Who knows why he had that impulse. He shared a video and posted: “I am disgusted at all the … Continue reading

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Would you like to read a case study in shitty apologies and social media implosion? You are in luck! VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates) is a journal of young adult literature. It recently reviewed a novel called Run by Kody Keplinger. … Continue reading

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A day that will live in infamy – and bargains!

What were they thinking at the mattress store in San Antonio? Maybe: ‘Let’s do a funny little ad, on the cheap, for our Facebook page. Need to highlight our all-mattresses-at-twin-mattress-prices sale! Hey! The anniversary of the twin towers thing is … Continue reading

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Self-improvement via self-hatred!

A Gold’s gym franchise advertised with a nicely-produced social media post. It featured a photo of an elegant pear (Bartlett, I think) with the caption “THIS IS NO SHAPE FOR A GIRL”. What great salesmanship! The customer is always contemptible! … Continue reading

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More on the science of apology

Time to look at a new “how to apologize” study! The paper, called “An Exploration of the Structure of Effective Apologies,” will be published in the May 2016 issue of Negotiation and Conflict Management Research. (You can read the abstract online.) The … Continue reading

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Who knew, guru?

On Christmas, my non-SorryWatch-non-Sumac colleague Mark Oppenheimer published a piece in the New York Times about a New Age spiritual leader named Marc Gafni. Gafni advises such luminaries as John Mackey (of Whole Foods), John Gray (of Men Are From Mars, … Continue reading

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Whole Foods, getting out ahead of the scandal (NOT REALLY)

In general, SorryWatch frowns on the concept of pre-apology. (Also its polar opposite, post-unapology.) Apologizing in advance for something you know is wrong but that you’re going to do anyway is douchey (unless you are Chris Pratt and you are pre-mocking your … Continue reading

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People around the world, join hands! Disembark from the wine train! Wine train!

We’re late to this one, but Susan is in the desert, presumably with no pants on. So it’s my fault that we haven’t weighed in on the group of women (10 Black, one white) who were kicked off Napa Valley’s … Continue reading

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