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Lousy apology for the most racist ad EVER?

Here is an ad by a Chinese detergent company. (All the trigger warnings for mega-racism.)

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what every castle’s lavatory needs

According to the charming web site The Irish Aesthete, this framed item hangs in a bathroom at Birr Castle, County Offaly. As a lowly American Jewess not of the peerage, I don’t know whether the contrite Earl of Rosse is the current Earl (the 7th, for those keeping … Continue reading

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Do not make me turn this plane around

In the first class section of your flight, you may expect the tender luxury to begin with a serving of nuts. But some people are allergic to nuts (or dislike them), so the flight attendant should ask if you would … Continue reading

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Too creepy to travel

BY SPECIAL GUEST BLOGGER JONELLE PATRICK Damn, it used to be a white guy in Tokyo could get away with anything – like playfully choking girls in public, randomly ramming their heads into his crotch while cheerfully shouting “Pikachu!” and … Continue reading

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possibly an insincere apology

Canadian musician DJ NDN, who is Anishnabe from Nipissing First Nations, apologizes for his nouveau-Redskins* t-shirt.  Or rather, “apologizes.”

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On Apology, Reactiveness and Twitrage

Very smart essay by Alexander Chee in Dame Magazine that seems somehow…RELEVANT right now. The first lines: When I began writing this essay, I was thinking this might be about public apologies, for there had been many. “Mistakes were made,” … Continue reading

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Apologies in medicine…a post by an ACTUAL DOCTOR!

A guest post by Zackary Berger, MD SorryWatchers must know by now the right way to apologize. I wish I could say the same about my colleagues, members of the medical profession. In their defense, though, and in my own, let … Continue reading

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That man has no panties

Earlier this month, an official visit to Washington, D.C. by South Korean president Park Geun-hye was going rather well. Which was gratifying, in light of recent criticisms of Park’s administration, such as the charge that she’d appointed people with “questionable … Continue reading

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Japanese Pop Star Shaves Off Her Hair and Posts Video On YouTube Begging To Be Forgiven For Spending The Night With Her Boyfriend

BY SPECIAL GUEST BLOGGER JONELLE PATRICK Early one morning at the end of January, Minami Minegishi – a popular 20-year-old member of the all-girl “idol” group AKB48 – is caught sneaking out of the apartment of her boyfriend (a member … Continue reading

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SorryWatch Reads: Only in Tokyo

I had a lovely escapist time reading Fallen Angel, the latest “Only in Tokyo” murder mystery. It pleasingly entwines police procedural and (literally) star-crossed love with cool information about the Tokyo host club scene and other amazing things that happen … Continue reading

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