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Sorry I ignored you, your lovely gift, and That Email

Anonymous in Annapolis (not her real name) writes: How about a relative who sends you an apology for not acknowledging you at the holidays because they were too busy and saving for their retirement and, besides, the e-mail you sent … Continue reading

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My personal space is filled with rage

Dear SorryWatch: Boarding a plane recently, an already seated passenger complained that my bag hit his face. I said I was really sorry. Later, exiting, I apologized again: I’m very sorry. I just got so distracted. He said “yeah.” Was … Continue reading

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making kids apologize (cuppa comme ci comme ca)

Lots of viral buzz about a post, on a blog called cuppacocoa, from a teacher named JoEllen, about how she makes her class apologize. Some of her ideas work for me; some emphatically don’t. Let’s discuss!

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Oy, Dov. Oy, LRN.

Remember our dainty feminine foot-stomping when New York Times columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin decided to launch a feature called Apology Watch, with the help of business consultant Dov Seidman? Remember how Sorkin wouldn’t reply to our emails? (Though we did hear from his editor and from Seidman, … Continue reading

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Dear SorryWatch: A veterinary question

I would like your advice on formulating a proper apology to clients. I’m a veterinarian who was asked to perform a common, permissible procedure on their show animal. There are known risks associated with the procedure, including infection. This is … Continue reading

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