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I saw what you did, lady

Hot summer afternoon in North Carolina. Rebecca Landis Hayes went to the grocery store. She spotted a parking space reserved for veterans, and pulled into it. She was just going to run in quickly, and it was hot. So she … Continue reading

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Cruz to City: Drop Dead

A person running for president said something snide, and later said he was apologizing for it. Sounds good until you seek the apology. The candidate isn’t expressing regret, he’s piling insults higher.

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Chris Pratt’s pre-emptive press-tour strike

When Equinox does it, it’s douchey. When Chris Pratt does it, it is adorable! What is it? Pre-Apology! 

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Is this Vince Lombardi High?

Morning announcements over intercom. Not a highlight of my school days. At White Oak High School in Longview, Texas, principal Dan Noll likes to read Bible verses. Such as: “Proverbs 15:8: The Lord detests the sacrifice of the wicked, but … Continue reading

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Flying Confusion Air

I recently flew to a college town, inexplicably the site of a marvelous wildlife symposium. The flight there and back involved 4 legs. I selected seats on 3 of the legs. To save money, I didn’t take advantage of airline … Continue reading

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Dear Equinox: Stop Trying to Make #PreApology Happen

On Twitter yesterday, the Chief Marketing Officer of Equinox Gyms posted this: This wittiness is tied to Equinox’s new campaign, all tied to the notion of “preapology.” LET’S DISCUSS.

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You gloomy gaggle of killjoy jobsworths, here’s your apology

If you’ve been reading the Publican’s Morning Advertiser, you know that the Portman Group condemns the advertising for Dead Pony Club Ale, and [has instructed retailers not to place orders] for the irresponsible stuff. The Portman Group? Who are they? … Continue reading

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An apology to Chris Brown on Fox News

Courtesy of Wil Wheaton’s tumblr, as originally posted by don’t get comfortable by way of excellent SorryWatcher Lisa Harsma: Which was followed by an apology (or “apology”) on Fox News. FOX NEWS.

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Unpack that snarky hashtag

Trending today on Twitter: #sorrynotsorry. Let’s unpack that and spread its contents all over the floor. And accidentally step on some of it. #sorrynotsorry means: “This is a situation where people often say ‘Sorry,’ but since I’m unrepentant, I’m just … Continue reading

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she’s my girlfriend who lives in canada

  From, of course, Passive-Aggressive Notes.

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