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Oh sure, you WON IT, but I have complaints

After the second round of the Australian Open, after playing Lucie Safarova, Serena Williams took questions from reporters. The first ‘question came from a reporter who favored her with his evaluation: “Congrats on the win. But it looked a little … Continue reading

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Apologize to your mother

(It turns out Snarly and Sumac have slightly different apology approaches, as you’ll see.) Here at SorryWatch we are grieved and intrigued* to find that not everyone agrees about the goodness of good apologies. There are many reasons for this … Continue reading

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This court finds your apology despicable

It’s expensive to run for public office. But once elected, you can run your next campaign much more cheaply if you make aides and assistants work on it from the office of whatever position you’ve managed to get. Free labor! … Continue reading

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Honest Toddler’s open letter to the child he hit at the park

A snippet of the dramatic tale: The crowd parted.  “Say you’re sorry right now,”she hissed into my ear.   Absolutely not.  You howled like a wolf at the moon and clung to your mother like the baboon-faced marsupial that you are. … Continue reading

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Might want a doctor to look at doze

A kid in Savannah called 911. Instead of saying “Two guys just hopped the fence into our yard and they’re trying to get in the back door” or “My mom fell, and she’s not moving” or “The house across the … Continue reading

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He said he’s sorry about your pain! Friends now, right?

Colleges have a long tradition of ironing over certain problems between students. If someone screams because they got burned? They iron harder. It used to work better.

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Doesn’t SHE have to SHUT UP if we have to say sorry?

J.K. Rowling, beloved creator of Hedwig the owl, was a single parent after her marriage broke up. Surviving on state benefits, and with no childcare, she also worked a few hours at a church where they let her bring her … Continue reading

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An apology to Chris Brown on Fox News

Courtesy of Wil Wheaton’s tumblr, as originally posted by don’t get comfortable by way of excellent SorryWatcher Lisa Harsma: Which was followed by an apology (or “apology”) on Fox News. FOX NEWS.

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Oy, Dov. Oy, LRN.

Remember our dainty feminine foot-stomping when New York Times columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin decided to launch a feature called Apology Watch, with the help of business consultant Dov Seidman? Remember how Sorkin wouldn’t reply to our emails? (Though we did hear from his editor and from Seidman, … Continue reading

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Pussy Riot’s apology (Homophobic reptile, get out of history)

I was shocked and sorry when I read that captured members of Pussy Riot had apologized in court. I was worried for them. Apologies made by captives are as suspect as confessions from prisoners covered with bruises. Then I read … Continue reading

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