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Bad Apology Bingo II

You recall our post-Lance-Armstrong game of Bad Apology Bingo? Welp, in the wake of a recent raft of crap apologies from venture capitalists, comedians, beauty bloggers and Aussie media outlets, LET’S PLAY AGAIN!   SaveSaveSaveSave

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Listen to Kathie Lee and Hoda!

Well, I never thought I’d type THOSE particular words in that particular order. But the duo, who have a column in the New York Daily News, weighed in this week on the feud between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. The … Continue reading

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14 indications that Beyonce is not actually sorry

I don’t give a fuck Suck on my balls I ain’t thinking ’bout you Middle fingers up, put them hands high Wave it in his face, tell him, boy, bye Sorry, I ain’t sorry No no, hell nah 8-14: Now … Continue reading

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what every castle’s lavatory needs

According to the charming web site The Irish Aesthete, this framed item hangs in a bathroom at Birr Castle, County Offaly. As a lowly American Jewess not of the peerage, I don’t know whether the contrite Earl of Rosse is the current Earl (the 7th, for those keeping … Continue reading

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Whole Foods, getting out ahead of the scandal (NOT REALLY)

In general, SorryWatch frowns on the concept of pre-apology. (Also its polar opposite, post-unapology.) Apologizing in advance for something you know is wrong but that you’re going to do anyway is douchey (unless you are Chris Pratt and you are pre-mocking your … Continue reading

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Honest Toddler’s open letter to the child he hit at the park

A snippet of the dramatic tale: The crowd parted.  “Say you’re sorry right now,”she hissed into my ear.   Absolutely not.  You howled like a wolf at the moon and clung to your mother like the baboon-faced marsupial that you are. … Continue reading

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Amy Schumer is very sorry

There are times to apologize. And there are times not to apologize. Comedian Amy Schumer offers a look at gendered, excessively self-negating, unnecessary, reflexive ladypologies. Given that research indicates that being perceived as assertive is problematic for women, and women … Continue reading

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Chris Pratt’s pre-emptive press-tour strike

When Equinox does it, it’s douchey. When Chris Pratt does it, it is adorable! What is it? Pre-Apology! 

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If you’re going to barf in a bookstore…

…you could take a lesson in apologizing from a boy named Jack. Jack was visiting an outpost of Powell’s Bookstore in Portland when he had an unfortunate regurgitory incident. Employees cleaned up. “It was gigantic in diameter,” Bookstore manager Jennifer Wicka told Buzzfeed. (She estimated … Continue reading

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Archdruid Eileen forgives you

SorryWatch seeks to understand and illuminate the apology traditions of many cultures and faiths. We were tipped off to a clear and beautiful example from Archdruid Eileen of the Beaker Folk of Husborne Crawley. The Archdruid takes on the tricky … Continue reading

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