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Somebody help my cow

Maybe you thought you’d escape political and social issues by turning to the latest issue of Bovine Medicine. Practical, science-based information about medical aspects of cow-calf operations, mastitis, job opportunities for bovine veterinarians – useful and soothing, no? Not necessarily. … Continue reading

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Shut up and let’s heal

When Dr. Larry Nassar pleaded guilty to first-degree criminal sexual conduct last week in Michigan, he was facing 7 counts. Three of the crimes were against girls under 13, the rest against girls between 13 and 15. Nassar was an … Continue reading

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To me you’re just a lowly student, soldier

Harland Fletcher recently finished his senior year at Liberty High School in Brentwood, California. He sounds like an energetic and motivated guy. The day he turned 17, he enlisted in the US Army. Under the Split Training Option, he completed … Continue reading

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Nothing says lovin’ like something from the oven

Aw, a bright pink construction paper valentine! With a red lollipop taped inside! And a picture of Adolf Hitler on the outside with the legend: “my love 4 u burns like 6,000 jews”! In Comic Sans! (Also, 6,000 Jews? This person’s … Continue reading

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“We Messed Up” is a good start to an apology

Last week, Tulane Technology Services sent an email to 130 high school students who’d applied to Tulane Early Decision, congratulating them on their admission. Unfortunately, the email was sent in error.

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Is that how you protect children from families?

A wedding was held at the Western Reserve Historical Society in Cleveland, Ohio. During picture-taking, the bride’s sister stepped away to nurse her baby. With her breasts. History shows we can’t have that!

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Thirteen ways of looking at a cynical apology

With apologies to Wallace Stevens. I Note that Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson is wearing a red polo shirt instead of the uniform of his office. He’s not apologizing as the representative of the police force; he’s just a guy. In a polo … Continue reading

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Why didn’t you come see me, Dad?

It’s no fun having to visit your kid in jail. It’s even less fun when instead of seeing him, you get locked into a steel-doored concrete room and forgotten. Farad Polk had been visiting his son, who’s awaiting trial (drugs), … Continue reading

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Denial is full of crocodiles

In Oakland, California, postal officials looked at the area around the main office and found it flawed. There was a parking lot for mail trucks, and a street with wide sidewalks adorned with flourishing ficus trees, and there was bird … Continue reading

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Oy, Dov. Oy, LRN.

Remember our dainty feminine foot-stomping when New York Times columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin decided to launch a feature called Apology Watch, with the help of business consultant Dov Seidman? Remember how Sorkin wouldn’t reply to our emails? (Though we did hear from his editor and from Seidman, … Continue reading

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