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Bollywood apology!

It’s never a bad time for an amazing dance number! Behold this delightful video from ABCD, “India’s first 3D dance film.” It is a super-catchy song, but a very bad apology. The lyrics (which you can read here) start off well, … Continue reading

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Dear Evan Hansen

I haven’t yet seen this highly regarded musical. It’s apparently about being Canadian.

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Sorrywatching the Grammies!

Your gracious hostesses Snarly and Sumac are not entirely up on Teh Music of Today. But here are the apology-related songs — of which Snarly is aware — that seem to be nominated for Grammy Awards tonight, either on their own … Continue reading

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A non-apology song on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

As I have noted multiple times in one of my non-SorryWatch outlets, I am obsessed with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which you should be watching if you are not. This past week, the show tackled the phenomenon in which you desperately want to apologize to someone … Continue reading

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14 indications that Beyonce is not actually sorry

I don’t give a fuck Suck on my balls I ain’t thinking ’bout you Middle fingers up, put them hands high Wave it in his face, tell him, boy, bye Sorry, I ain’t sorry No no, hell nah 8-14: Now … Continue reading

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Why so troubled by a contextual rap?

At a Deerhunter concert at the Orange Peel in early December, lead singer/guitarist Bradford Cox told a long rambling story about the first time Deerhunter appeared at the Peel in 2007. Smashing Pumpkins had a week-long run there, and then-obscure … Continue reading

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sorry BDS was meen to us; we got confused by their bullying

The music festival Rototom Sunsplash apologized today for disinviting the American Jewish singer Matisyahu from performing. The apology was…not so good. 

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All we are is all we are

Hey, it’s Courtney Love’s birthday. In her honor, please enjoy this MTV Unplugged performance by Nirvana of “All Apologies.” s I do not know what this song is about but these apologies do not seem sincere. Kurt Cobain supposedly said it was a … Continue reading

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“kanye west” apologizes

We have a real (crap) Kanye apology and a fake Kanye apology song! Kanye apologized for dissing Beck (and also Bruno Mars) in a manner as minimalist as a $120 plain white t-shirt. At the Grammys last month, it seemed for … Continue reading

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nicki minaj hates nazis, you guys!

This morning a writer from Refinery 29, Lauren Le Vine, emailed us for a comment on Nicki Minaj’s apology. (We also heard from a couple of readers wanting us to tackle it.) You see, Ms. Minaj had released a video filled … Continue reading

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